Aeromonas hydrophila: How dangerous are bacteria to us? 2

Aeromonas hydrophila: How dangerous are bacteria to us?

Big Dairy Scandal: The Aeromonas Hydrophila bacterium has been found in the products of numerous DMK GROUP dairy brands. We'll tell you what causes bacteria in the body.

After Germany recalled fresh milk from numerous brands due to microbial contamination consumers are concerned. But how much is Aeromonas hydrophilic bacteria really dangerous to our body? We're getting to the bottom.

What exactly is a bacterium?

Aeromonas bacteria can move and live and multiply without oxygen.

There are several subtypes of bacterial strain where people can come into contact specifically with the genus Aeromonas hydrophila.

What are the sources of infection?

For properly stored foods that are sufficiently heated, we usually do not have to worry about the risk of infection.

However, there is a risk that cooked food may come into contact with material that has already been attacked by germs. I can do this for example cutting boards or polluted water be like that Zurich Cantonal Laboratory reported.

If the bacteria had an outbreak, these were mostly so far Fish and seafood contaminated. also egg salad it is considered one of the main sources of infection.

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Is Aeromonas hydrophilic dangerous for the body?

Bacteria can cause painful digestion in our body. The germs can be different Gastrointestinal diseases trigger.

One form is a version similar to cholera followed by water diarrhea. In another type of digestive system, bloody and mucous diarrhea is one of the significant symptoms.

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only in very rare casesIn people with a weak immune system, it can be really dangerous and Skin infections caused by wounds and blood poisoning cause.

However, acute gastrointestinal disorders usually occur.

How can you treat the infection?

As with all digestive disorders, patients should focus on one adequate hydration Take care because fluid loss during diarrhea is especially high.

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In addition, Aeromonas hydrophilic infection may be associated antibiotics treat because it is a bacterial disease. If you have taken any of the affected dairy products and have digestion, you should seek medical attention for the bacterium. But don't worry: it's usually easy to treat and not dangerous.

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