Alzheimer's disease - find out now at Clinicum Bremerhaven! 2

Alzheimer's disease – find out now at Clinicum Bremerhaven!

The Bremerhaven Clinic is calling for an afternoon patient on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease on October 16, 2019. Patients, relatives and those interested can find out about the disease. Experts can also be appointed individually.

Alzheimer's disease – these are typical symptoms

Alzheimer's disease is a disease in the brain and affects nerve cells. The greatest risk for developing Alzheimer's is in older people. People under 60 are rarely affected. Typical symptoms for Alzheimer's patients are memory and orientation problems. Speech disorders and impaired thinking are also part of the clinical picture. But it is also possible that personality changes due to illness. Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease increase as the disease progresses, so patients are often dependent on daily help. The course of the disease is very individual.

Ask visitors – expert answers

Patiently on the afternoon of October 16 is part of a series of events at the Bremerhaven Clinic. Patients, relatives and stakeholders are warmly invited to be informed about the diagnosis and possible treatment options for Alzheimer's disease. If you have any questions, you can contact PD Dr. honey. Dr. honey. Kai Boelmans, the Chefarzt from the Neurology Clinic, to clarify this in a direct on-site discussion.

Afternoon check-in for patient

Anyone interested in the subject of Alzheimer's or affected by the disease is warmly invited to sign up for a patient afternoon at the Bremerhaven Clinic. Registration can be made by email at or by phone at +49 (0) 471 299-3725. Participation in the sick afternoon is free. This also applies to participants who have already participated in previous afternoon patients. The event will take place on October 16 at 5pm at the Norderney Conference Room at the Ambulatory Rehabilitation-Reinkenheide Center (ZARR). The Bremerhaven-Reinkenheide Clinic is located at Postbrookstraße 103, 27574 Bremerhaven.

Further information about the event program can be found on the Bremerhaven Clinic homepage.