Apothekensprecherin now advises against the flu vaccine 2

Apothekensprecherin now advises against the flu vaccine

Particularly chronically ill, pregnant women and the elderly should be vaccinated against influenza. Fall is just the right time to do it.

Apothekensprecherin now advises against the flu vaccine

The influenza virus season is approaching. "For people over 60, chronic patients, pregnant women and people at increased professional risk, the Standing Committee on Vaccination recommends the flu vaccine," said pharmacist Dorothee Pradel, spokeswoman for Gladbeck pharmacist. Patients should be vaccinated best now – in October or November.

Even during the flu epidemic, a flu vaccine can still be beneficial

But vaccinations in December, and even at the beginning or during the flu epidemic, could still be helpful. After all, no one knows in advance how long a flu wave will last. After vaccination, it will take ten to 14 days for the vaccine protection to be fully established. Vaccination is sometimes vital for at-risk groups: around 25,000 people in Germany lost their lives to an extremely strong flu epidemic in 2017/18, according to the Robert Koch Institute. There are no corresponding figures for a previous flu epidemic.

The flu vaccine, according to Pradel, is not only important for the elderly. "Often children with respiratory illnesses such as asthma are forgotten during vaccinations. Vaccination for chronically ill people at any age makes sense." Even for members of the medical profession and anyone who is in contact with many people – for example, teachers or teachers – Immediate family vaccination with a family doctor may be beneficial. Vaccination should be repeated every year in the fall. "The vaccine can in no case prevent the disease. But it also helps to keep the flu disease milder, with fewer complications than in the unvaccinated case," says Pradel.