"Consciously Healthy" under the banner of ORF "Living with Dementia" - October 12 at 5:30 pm in ORF 2 2

"Consciously Healthy" under the banner of ORF "Living with Dementia" – October 12 at 5:30 pm in ORF 2

Vienna (OTS) With the aging of the population, dementia and Alzheimer's become diseases that affect many of us in a very concrete way. October 12-19, 2019 (details at presse.ORF.at) ORF wants to create awareness of "living with dementia" in its 25th "consciously healthy" initiative. Barbara Stöckl presents herself in ORF's Consciously Healthy Health Magazine on Saturday, October 12 at 5:30 pm in ORF 2 with the following attachments:

Community – the city gets dementia

Klosterneuburg is the third largest city in Lower Austria and has a range of facilities, such as nursing homes that care for demented people. But Klosterneuburg has something else that makes the place interesting especially for dementia patients and their relatives. The dedicated victims have joined forces with the community, many companies and Caritas to create a network that will ensure that affected people in Klosterneuburg can live well with dementia and that the city itself is "dementia". The whole place – from kindergarten to the executive, to pharmacies, bookstores, supermarkets and banks – raised the issue of dementia from the taboo area. An example of why school should be.

Dementia prevention and early detection

In Austria, about 130,000 people live with dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia: Almost two-thirds of dementia patients are affected by this diagnosis. Due to the increasing life expectancy, the number of patients continues to grow. Patients often avoid early clarification and thus early treatment for fear of stigmatization. Informed on the first signs of dementia, risk factors and disease triggers and the most effective prevention measures Univ.-Prof. Peter Dal-Bianco.

Combat nature – courage despite dementia

To no longer recognize your own partner or family, to forget things or even become a caregiver – a diagnosis of dementia is often associated with these or similar horror scenarios. Helga Rohrer was diagnosed with dementia at just 54 years old. But instead of resigning, the former interpreter teaches about her life with the disease and encourages other sufferers.

Time out – Holidays for the sick and relatives

When the brain becomes weaker, it presents a huge challenge for the whole family of people with dementia. People with dementia often forget something, their memory fades and familiar things become more unknown. In the advanced stages, those affected can hardly take care of themselves, often becoming carers.
There are various grants for caregivers – a.a. also an opportunity for a vacation in which the people concerned are well cared for and relatives can relax.

"Consciously healthy" advice: checking

Early detection is crucial not only for dementia but also for many diseases. That is why medical experts recommend that you go for a checkup regularly. Every adult living in Austria can have a free health check-up once a year. Unfortunately, many do not know about this offer or are not afraid of it, because this option is used only every ninth. Prof. Siegfried Meryn informs about health control.

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