Damaged Hair Remedies - 2019 2

Damaged Hair Remedies – 2019

Thermal gloss, whitening, chemical treatments – People go to great lengths to get nice curls, but many of these processes could really burn the hair. An iron or iron that is too hot is enough to cause more damage – not to mention dyeing, feeling or loosening.

Damaged Hair Remedies - 2019 3

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A combustion activates moisture and leaves the affected strands feeling like straw. Restoring moisture is the key to repairing hair. Here are some products that can help:

  • Air Conditioner: A starting point of treatment provides full day hydration. Look for natural ingredients such as herbal extracts and rich in amino acids that are gentle enough for damage.
  • Light natural oils: Just a penny of argan, marula or jojoba oil (to name just a few) can help rejuvenate hair, minimize straw-like texture and restore natural radiance and softness.

A deep preparation is important for adapting the hair to its previous texture and shine. Immediately after burning, use a moisturizing and restorative hair mask for vital nutrients and moisture. If you don't have a mask at home, go to the kitchen and make a DIY version with olive oil and honey. Massage with wet hair, put on a shower cap and leave it on for the night before rinsing it.

If your hair burns irreparably, it can break and ruin the healthiest piece of ribs. Work with a hairdresser to cut the hair to cover the missing pieces.

Once you have removed the burnt pieces, gently incorporate products into your hair care routine. Use a sulfate-free shampoo regularly with a herbal blend or coconut oil. Consider taking a break from potentially harmful remedies for a while.