Do you already know the new Foilyage hair trend? 2

Do you already know the new Foilyage hair trend?

Balayage was yesterday! The hair trend has now been replaced by a supposedly more natural version: Foilyage is the name of a new coloring technique, which is practically a foil similar to the popular Balayage-Strähnchen look. STYLEBOOK asked experts for advice on what to look for in a new style of trend and who they stand for.

Foilyage – that's how it works

"Similar to balayage, further development, foil-making, uses the hands-free technique, the so-called 'paintings', to set glistening glows in hair," explains Berlin hairdresser Enrico Farkas. Unlike Balayage films are also used. Reason: Intensifying highlights are possible with movies, so it can be colored in just one session with very different shades of blue on your hair.

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Highlights at the barber

In the Foilyage technique, the strands are covered with foils. This ensures an even more intense result.
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The result: a natural color play with no visible color edges. The catch in question: Films provide more heat in the whitening process, which speeds it up but is also more damaging to the mane, as is the hair expert to consider: "Using slides, whitening attacks hair more strongly than with the conventional balayage technique."

Why foilyage?

Still, the technique is still gentler than complete whitening and brings with it a very decisive advantage: The hairstyle with a natural color gradient is really for everyone and can be customized, as Farkas knows. From shiny blondes to caramel-brown tips, anything is possible, "even dark hair can get so light."

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Another advantage: Thanks to smooth transitions, permanent re-injection is not required. "The lump sum keeps the result up to six months and can be easily refreshed with batch treatment," explains Enrico Farkas. The process should take about two hours. Price: depending on the hairdresser and hair length of about 100 euros. After visiting the hairdresser, the affected hair length should be maintained with a rich mask. To avoid any unpleasant yellowing, the hairdresser recommends a silver shampoo – for a natural beach look even in winter!