Dry breeze for video meeting hours 2

Dry breeze for video meeting hours



The Berlin Association of Physicians (KBV) and GKV-Spitzenverband want to strengthen telemedicine services: Since the beginning of October, doctors from almost every specialty group have been conducting video processing and billing except for laboratory doctors, nuclear physicians, pathologists and radiologists.

For psychotherapy, video counseling has reopened, as authorized doctors can now treat their patients through video. What's new is that the first doctor-patient contact can happen in the hour of video discussion. By now, the doctor needed to know the patient. Now electronic visit can be calculated even with new patients.

In order to promote video counseling hours, the fee has been redefined. It has been held since October 1, using the appropriate insurance, basic or advisory benefit instead of the benefit position (GOP) 01439.

The lump sum plus surcharge will be paid in full if personal contact is established in the same quarter. If this is not the case and the contact is made solely by video, the lump sum and, if applicable, allowances are reduced.

Medical and psychological psychotherapists are now able to perform certain psychotherapy services through video consultations and settle bills. A prerequisite for this is that the personal contact between the doctor and the patient was preceded by an initial diagnosis, indication and explanation.

Nursing case conferences can now also be videoed more frequently. Until now, these may have already been between doctors and nurses with whom there is a co-operation agreement with policyholders (GOP 37120 and 37320).

From the beginning of the month, such case conferences can also be made via video and charged if the patient lives at home or in a sheltered facility. For this purpose, GOP 01442 (rating: 64 points / 6.92 euros) was included in the EBM.

Case reports according to GOP 30210 (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Diabetic Fusyndrome), 30706 (Pain Therapy), 30948 (MRSA Case and / or Regional Network Conference) and 37400 (Last Phase Planning) are now also available as video conferencing.

With the agreement reached, doctors and psychotherapists should be able to more easily integrate video discussion lessons into everyday practice and use it whenever they find it useful. Lawmakers have repeatedly demanded this and demanded that they expand their offer to continue video interviews. © WL / sb / equilibreplus.com