Halloween Ideas for All Ages: Masks, Decorations, and Movie Tips 2

Halloween Ideas for All Ages: Masks, Decorations, and Movie Tips

Friday, October 11, 2019, 15:49

Soon it will be again "sweet, otherwise something is wrong": Halloween is October 31! Our tips make Halloween all a fun horror.

Creepy Halloween Tips and Devices

When zombies get out of their holes, wizards echo through the streets, and ghosts desolate, it's time again: Halloween. Our following tips make the scariest night of the year guaranteed by a horrible trip. I'm sure you'll remember that. We found scary nice Halloween ideas for adults and kids in the following areas:

  • Terrible costumes
  • Terrible movies
  • Disgusting goodies
  • Escape decorations

Halloween: 2019 Night Trends

A creepy disguise creates the basis for a successful evening – and with the right Halloween costume, set the right mood right away. The more fantasy and creative the idea of ​​the costume, the better. Who wants to face his twin? However, one should not despise that the carefully selected classic costumes are still a favorite for many years and inspire Halloween fans every year. That's why you'll find well-known cover ideas for all ages below current costume trends.

Adult Halloween: scary at first glance

Characters from the movie and television series are back in high class again this year. This makes it easier to put together the costume, as the figures can be copied directly.

Stranger Things 3

This series has 2019 under tight control: the dark forces that haunt the mysterious "Hawkins" village leave nothing to plunder the protagonists and spectators for a breath.

If you are traveling as a couple, dressing up the main characters Robin and Steve in their roles as an ice cream salesman is great. The third season of the Netflix series costume is available for men and women, priced at € 42.99 in various sizes on Amazon. If you want to make an upcoming Halloween party, though, the costumes of the main characters are Eleven and Dustin a direct hit. With a bloody nose in Eleven or beige colored (short) pants on Dustin, you can play popular characters popularly.

Do you like it easy? Then you emerge as one of the repulsive figures of evil. All you need is a proper overalls and a phenomenal mask is over.

Pennywise from Stephen King's "It" movie

"A character who has only nonsense in his head." This is how children would describe a clown. Adults often follow a different connection: "Many people's nightmare and the horror of countless horror movies." it Bestselling author Stephen King teases exactly this thought. Clown Pennywise scares the reader’s fingernails into her spine. Likewise, the main character has been creating breathless moments on screen since the 90s. This year, a second part of the remake appeared in theaters. The mere thought of disguise as Pennywise makes us run down our spine. Protect yourself and don't look in the mirror with this Halloween costume. The clown section is available for € 68.90 to buy.

Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th

The main character Jason regularly puts the audience in awe and horror. This horror movie series is one of the absolute classics. Dressing up like Jason does not require any professional makeup art. This is thanks to his striking hockey mask as a characteristic sign. To give his expression to his ruthlessness, the costume ends with a beautiful blood machete. Of course, you can make it even simpler and alternatively go back to Jason Vorhees' complete outfit.

Zombie girl from high school

Also a very popular disguise is zombies. The Revived Dead is often the basis of shocking horror films. No wonder, because blood-spilling nightmares run and crawl around here: bodies that are injured by wounds and fractures, groan and chase people to make them unsurpassed by a bite. This is all just a harmonic idyll and is therefore perfect for Halloween. A visually striking contrast is created when innocent girls come into contact with brutal zombie viruses – and here comes the next costume idea: a high school zombie girl. The outfit includes a jacket, shirt, tie and skirt. Socks and shoes should be purchased separately. When combined with awful contact lenses, this blanket screams easily.

The Spirit of the Black Widow

It truly becomes dark as the spirit of a black widow. The long black and gray robe with lace elements and a worn out look makes for scary clothing. With a little white make-up for a faded look and matching costume with skirt, top, gloves and hat, you are the allure of the evening – or better yet: the Weggucker – that evening.

Awful Halloween accessories

You're not a fan of disguise and your own reflection is not enough for a scary night? Then grab one of the following options and secure your Halloween entry.

Masks are a real eye-catcher and provide every disguised blow. The right camouflage outfit is a convertible, and it's easy to find. Because until the horror is revealed, he often lurks unnoticed. Accordingly, an everyday outfit, based on the colors of horrible masks, is quite sufficient.

Complete design freedom offers an extensive set of Halloween make-up. Twelve skin creams are available as well as three tones for tooth coloring. This allows for creepy accents to be set. It can also scare your friends with a complete face makeover.

Halloween accessories for adults

As the days pass, the little stinging bloodsuckers disappear. But they only give in to the big one: the time of the vampire comes. They love it dark, cold and bloody. Spread fear at first glance, as bloody eyes utter more than a thousand words. With these contact lenses for € 16.90 is enough and everyone knows which costume you chose for Halloween.

Look into the eyes of death and do your best not to be defeated. It requires courage, the will to live, and exercise. This is where your creativity is sought, whether you can win the fight against evil demons or not. The clues left the fight anyway. With these wound tattoos, appropriate scars and injuries can be applied. These are even more realistic with makeup sets for wounds. You can let off steam with scrubbing blood, gelatin, brushes and sponges.

Halloween for Kids: There's just something sweet here

More and more children are jumping on the American trend, moving door-to-door on the evening of October 31st. In the kitchen, a bag filled with sweets through all the open doors. For this to work, and neighbors in awe (honestly usually prefer enthusiastically) to throw shackles, toddlers need to be dressed accordingly. Again the offer is diverse.
Here are the best Halloween 2019 costumes for toddlers and kids:

For toddlers, there is a beautiful pumpkin outfit. Adhesive fabric is ideal for the colder season, and a matching hat ensures a warm head. Your little mouse or little mouse can also turn you into a sweet bat. This dressing also packs your baby nice and warm. And thanks to the cap, the costume is still visible in the stroller despite the blanket.

Your protégé is a little older? Then a full body suit in the shape of a spider is a great idea for Halloween. This – bought a little bigger – can also be pulled over a jacket. As the legs are fastened with Velcro closure, it is advisable to sew them as a caution.

It gets pretty scary with this skeleton flap including a deep hood. By letting out a creepy smile, you don't have to apply extra makeup to your baby. Wide nose and eye opening for unlimited breathing and vision. The cloak is large enough to be worn over street clothes.

When going to a Halloween party as a family, a common theme in costumes is always a creative idea. This way, all guests can see at a glance who belongs together. As mentioned, Netflix’s Stranger Things series is very present this year. For example, you could pretend to be a famous couple in the series while your daughter plays the role of Eleven.

Of course, under the covers for kids and zombies are not missing. In this year's issues, a zombie virus has captured the child of a convict. Bloody and handcuffed, your child successfully collects candy, and neighbors do their best not to escape without screaming.

Halloween: A magic coat

Have you ever had a bat on a leash or walked with a pumpkin? If not, these cheap Halloween costumes now give you a chance.

The wings of a hanging bat and a small pumpkin as a pendant for a dog collar, make your four-legged friends a horror night. Also for cats there is this model. Collected by private collar.

When it's really cold outside, some dogs need thermal protection. Suitable for Halloween, you can use this pumpkin dog sweater with a cap for a walk. Your dog is definitely a shooting star in the streets. Similarly, cats in pumpkin costumes can make the city unsafe and hunt mice.

Your dog is adored? With these clothes, it guarantees that everyone will wrap their finger. Give your cat some magical moments and pull her this little magic hat.

Why are we dressing for Halloween?

Today's Halloween goes back to the tradition of the ancient Celts about 2000 years ago: Volkstamm only distinguished two seasons at the time – summer and winter. As summer stood for life, winter was the time of death. Halloween is the night between October 31 and November 1, marking the passing of the seasons as well as the end of the year. In honor of the deceased, the Celts symbolically prepared and consumed lush dishes.

Over time, however, this custom changed and instead of celebrating the dead, people feared death. That night, when they believed him so close, people tried to outsmart death: the creepy blankets needed to give the impression that one man had already died in order to be spared that night.

The scariest movies on Halloween 2019

Witch movies are a great way to create a scary mood. There are many movies around this mystical night, but unfortunately they are often not suitable for children. We have put together a choice for you that guarantees your baby is sleeping peacefully, as well as shots that allow you to bathe in fear at night.

Halloween movies for the whole family

For toddlers (issued from 0 years):

For school children (from 6 years old):

For teenagers (from the age of 12 issued):

Halloween Adult Movies: Terrible, More Terrible, … TIME!

If you really want to be scared, turn on the screen. Read here for the 2019 Halloween Highlights of frighteningly beautiful horror films.

Stephen King is it

A red balloon appears: The heart starts racing, the sweat of fear hits the palms of the hands, and the eyes open wide. For evil cannot be far off. Best-selling author Stephen King has created a two-meter nightmare with the smiling clown Pennywise. For 30 years, it has shifted readers as well as viewers into sleepless nights since 1990. An outside group of children persecute and terrorize the evil clown. Every 27 years he looks for new victims. In order to beat him, twelve-year-olds must face their worst fears.

The Hollywood remake tells this story in two parts. The first is now available on Blue-ray and can be streamed via Prime Video. This will give you a horror journey within your four walls.

The second part began in theaters in September. This can also be purchased from January 20, 2020.

Dead walking

An exciting horror series was shot based on comic books by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. When police officer Rick wakes up from a coma, he finds himself in a changed world: a zombie apocalypse has begun, the dead populate the streets and crave meat. Fatal: Zombie bites are contagious. Together with a group of survivors, the protagonist sets out to find a safe place to stay.

With the holiday on November 1st, the weekend is ideal for a serial marathon. In the 1-8 season of the Walking Dead, they are once stocked for 8,727 hours. If you prefer the original soundtrack anyway, you can even watch season nine.

Resident Evil 1-6

The Resident Evil movie series is mirrored in rapturous horror. In the movie adaptation of the video game of the same name, the protagonists vigorously and with every possible means fight zombies. In search of safety and an end to the excruciating struggle for survival, projectiles, firearms, and monster-cracking teeth attack humans. The science-fiction action-shop-horror-story makes you into six sub-films about the terrible Blue-ray company.

Tips for a Terribly Delicious Halloween Buffet

When hunger strikes, one or the other guest automatically takes on zombie peculiarities. Spare all these unpleasant behaviors and make them a cheerful feast instead. The following ideas will enchant you with a shocking Halloween buffet. But be warned: the eye is not eating here.

At any Halloween party, the proper farewell "horror" is missing. In the meantime, there are whole cookbooks dealing with the subject. Halloween snacks do not have to look as attractive as we would expect from Essen. With sausage mummies, stuffed crumbled heads, blood soup or marshmallow spirits, the feast becomes a culinary highlight. The best recipes for sour or sweet palate are found in Tom Grimm's Halloween cookbook. You will also find alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a scary factor.

With the shape of a skull muffin, you can easily scare your favorite muffins scary. The corresponding crumbly bone-shaped crumbs are also there. If you are using a light dough, paint it red with food and you have the ideal fright meal.

Serve your guests the best food and drink in lined paper plates and mugs of shocking design. In this case, it's the bloody handprints. Appropriate napkins are already included in the 40-piece set. If you want to go one step further, let visitors have a drink of caked blood.

The offer for delicious Halloween snacks is huge:

Halloween Decorating Ideas: To Run Beautiful

Movie horror entertainment begins with decoration. You can make a place of horror from any house or apartment by very simple means. It starts at the front door: Almost life-size, the scream of bright red eyes will welcome your guests to the haunted house. Blood film smeared with "NO ONE LEAVES" costs only € 4.99 and can be easily attached to any front door. This provides goose choices even before the party starts.

Of course, on Halloween, you can't miss the famous Scarlet Pumpkin in front of any house. The main indicator of a holiday is preparing for a big family party. With stencil templates and LED candles that are custom made for children, kavilling is not rocket science.

To make the rest of the room convenient, there are special horror girls. Unlike the usual ones, they are not patterned in color but equipped with bloody knives, axes and saws. Recycled paper wreaths can be hung anywhere and add to the atmosphere of Halloween.

Even more terrifying decorating ideas: