How to prepare a client for face 2

How to prepare a client for face

Today, with all the busy people in the world, it is sometimes nice to be cared for by someone else. A person can do this for everyone. More and more men are getting facials than ever. This article will show you how to prepare your person for a person. You will want to do this at least once a week after the first time.

How to prepare a client for face 3

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How to prepare someone for a person

Collect all the necessary materials as described. Ask the person to remove jewelry. Let them go to a separate room and put on a living room or paper dress.

Place a towel on a pillow where you treat the face to prevent the person's bare shoulders from coming into contact with the pillow. After the person has changed in the dress, help them get to the place you need them. Place a towel on her chest and place a sheet over her body and fold the top so that the towel folds over the edge. The leaf and shoulders are exposed. Remove the shoes and place the cloth over the feet and place the edges.

Attach a hair band to towels, a towel or other headgear over the facial hair to prevent oils from getting into the hair. Remove all straps when a woman. Make sure your bare shoulders are clean. Turn on soft music. Cover the person's eyes with cotton pads and allow the person to relax while preparing for the face.