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Pine coconut cakes give cake a woody or outdoor theme the ultimate touch and can even work on a winter wonderland wedding theme. Among the various media you can use for pine cones, the rubber paste works particularly well because it is soft and flexible like dough, but hardens when it dries so that coniferous cones can be made up to months in advance. If not necessary, a base fondant and foundation gum paste will help shape any petal-like shells to make the walnut look as realistic as possible.

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Break or remove a piece of gum paste to use on the jaws. Cone – the exact size depends on the size of the pine cone you want. Soak a toothpick in brown pigment jelly and wipe it over the gum paste. Knead the chewing gum in your hands until the color is even and add more color gel as needed to get the color you want. If desired, food color paste and even cocoa powder can be kneaded into the gum paste to turn brown.

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Separate two-thirds of the paste from gum to make the dandruff. Maintain the remaining third for the kernel.

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Squeeze dozens of small pieces of glue from the larger piece to make the scales. Move each piece in a drop shape – each piece becomes a single scale for the conifer cone.

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Press the wide end of the drop pieces between your fingers to align them. Pass the conical edge. Place each scale on a flat desktop, e.g. a baking tray lined with baking paper.

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Pull a small tool with a dense ball over the flattened end of each selector to push the edges slightly upwards, as you would in a real pine cone.

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Mix 1 tablespoon meringue powder with 1 tablespoon cold water to glue the pieces of glue.

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Move the center piece to a wide depth, narrow-tailed egg or drop shape. The egg or tear slice should be as long as desired for the conical pine and about one third of the desired width. Dip a toothpick into the meringue powder glue and place it on the underside of the wide end to hold the core with the toothpick while applying the scales. Alternatively, press the opposite end of the toothpick into a foam block to hold the core upright leaving your hands free. Let the core work for at least 1 hour while the glue dries and the core hardens easily.

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Generously fill the edge of the pine cone core with meringue powder glue. A small, inexpensive artist brush works well, but you should only decorate this brush for cake use.

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Brush the conical edge of one of the pine scale pieces on all sides with meringue powder glue.

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Press the conical end of the scale piece to the narrow end of the larger center piece. Press the tip of the scale with your finger to smooth it around the core and secure the glue. The spoon you made with the ball tool should point upwards. Align the wide end with the top of the kernel to hide the kernel. Repeat with one or two additional scales concentric around the edge until the narrow end of the core is completely concealed.

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Place additional scales in a concentric ring around the core, which is just below the first order of scales. Throw these pieces over the edges of the pieces in the previous order, as you would throw the bricks hinges. Repeat this pattern with the rest of the sections and work until the opposite end is fully covered with scales.

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Bend the scales with your fingers up or down if one of the scales is not evenly curved with the Remainder scales of the scales in the cone cone. If you observe a real conifer, you will notice that the scales at the bottom line fade more than the ones mentioned above, which are more likely to close around the narrow end.

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Leave the coniferous conical upright on the foam block to dry for one night or for very hard – a large, thick conical cocoon may take several days to dry.

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Wipe off the edges of the powdered sugar scales to get the appearance of snowy pine cones, if desired. Alternatively, you can grind the sliced ​​coconut in a coffee grinder to make the pieces even smaller than the slices. Apply meringue powder to scale and sprinkle coconut snow on balance.