How to use a ceramic teapot 2

How to use a ceramic teapot

Teapots are available in materials ranging from almost indestructible cast iron to thin and fragile glass or porcelain. However, simple ceramic pots are more common in everyday use. They are usually cheap and relatively durable and retain heat well. Ceramic teapots are relatively easy to use, but keep in mind a few points.

How to use a ceramic teapot 3

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Black tea is best thawed at a temperature near the boiling point and a cold container will quickly drain much of the heat from the hot water. While the kettle is boiling, shake the teapot with warm water and then pour out. Preheating the container also reduces the risk of being broken by boiling water.

Once the pot is heated and empty, add loose tea with 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea, plus 1 teaspoon of pot. Alternatively, you can use the appropriate amount of standard 2-cup tea. Pour freshly boiled water over the leaves and soak for 5 minutes or until the tea reaches its preferred strength.

Care and cleaning

Ceramic vessels are usually glazed both inside and outside and can be washed by hand in soapy water. Rinse the container thoroughly to remove any soap residue. If the container is too small for your hand, you may need to use a brush to clean the inside. A narrow bottle brush may be convenient to remove the coated leaves from the nozzle.

When the pot is unobstructed inside, it should absorb the aromas of the tea. Never wash these pots with soap, as they absorb soap. Instead, just rinse with warm water instead. this.