Landesliga Mitte: Who will be Herbstmeister? 2

Landesliga Mitte: Who will be Herbstmeister?

Landesliga Mitte: Who will be Herbstmeister? 3

SpVgg SV Weiden (left Benjamin Werner) must adapt to a combat-oriented game in Neukirchen near Holy Blood.

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The Autumn Champions Trophy title is worthless, even if it has a certain glow. With league leaders ASV Neumarkt, SpVgg SV Weiden and SC Ettmannsdorf three teams in the center of the national league after 17 days of top fighting.

The SV SpVgg The SV is reportedly the simplest task on Sunday, October 13, at 4pm in the SV Neukirchen Holy Blood. On the penultimate table, coach Andreas Scheler has only one victory: "Of course we are the favorites and we want to complete this role. We should have enough confidence to bring our performance to the field. However, we are cautioned that we must play every game first."

In fact, Wasserwerkelf was last convinced by a 5-1 home win over 1.FC Bad Kötzting. Five days into the match there is no defeat to Weidenern in the results list. For Scheler, first place on the table is not necessary: ​​"It would be a nice side effect, but then we can't buy anything from it. In the end it will be solved because we want to be ahead."

With SV Neukirchen Holy blood awaits a troubled league child. The traditional mix of different nationalities within the "Rosenkränzler" this year has been fueled by a number of personal crowns before and during the season even more intense. 16 entries and 8 departures, as well as a change of coach before the season when Thomas Seidl replaced Franz Koller – this coming and going brought a lot of unrest to the club. The result is a clear relegation fight and with just 17 points is 16th. "We're going to make hell and underestimate Neukirchen. The last implemented system has proven itself and we want to bring positive things, like a greatly improved opportunity score, to Neukirchen," Scheler says. Nothing changes in composition, eventually Ludvik Tuma or Vincent Schweiger return .