Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 2

Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection!

Medical newspaper online, 11.10.2019

  • Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 3
  • Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 4

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A balanced and complete diet significantly reduces the likelihood of developing renal failure.

Dusseldorf. “Watch your kidneys!” – With this slogan, the German Society for Nephrology (DGfN) has been promoting eight important kidney protection measures for years.

The eight recommendations are:

  • Keep fit and active!
  • Control your blood sugar!
  • Measure your blood pressure!
  • Eat healthy and maintain your weight within normal limits!
  • Drink enough!
  • Stop smoking!
  • Do not take over-the-counter medicines for a long time!
  • Your doctor checks your kidney function annually if you have a risk factor (for example, you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or are overweight).

The importance of Rule no. 4 "Eat Healthy!" It was reinforced by the results of a recent meta-analysis, DGfN announced at its annual conference in Düsseldorf. A healthy diet was even associated with a 30 percent lower incidence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) (CJASN 2019, 14, 10: 1441-1449).

In a meta-analysis, Australian studies looked at 18 studies involving more than 600,000 people (we reported). The period during which they regularly collected data averaged ten years. The healthy diet was the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet. Both contain foods based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains with little meat, salt or sugar.

"The result was impressive, even if the study was a meta-analysis, which cannot be conclusive in itself," quoted Professor Jan C. Galle of Lüdenscheid, a spokesman for DGfN. Other studies have also suggested that a plant-based diet improves various risk factors for CKD progression, including high blood pressure, uremic toxins, inflammation, oxidative stress, and blood phosphate levels. In this regard, we think that a healthy diet not only protects the heart and blood vessels, but also the kidneys. "

By the way, the S3 guideline of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM), which includes DGfN representatives, should be coming soon, announces DGfN. It clearly states which patients are being checked for kidney values ​​and when to be referred to a nephrologist. (Eb)

  • Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 3
  • Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 4
Mediterranean diet also as kidney protection! 7

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