Mixing Cocoa Butter with Oil 2

Mixing Cocoa Butter with Oil

Cocoa butter, used either alone or in combination with one or more natural oils, has long been used for skin care and beauty care. The contained properties help to make dry skin soft and supple, even in extreme temperatures. When mixed with oils, cocoa butter helps to create an even more effective blend that is useful in many types of skin care programs. When combined properly, the oils in varying amounts soften the strongest cocoa butter to a more creamy substance that is easier to apply and absorbs faster. This is a significant breakthrough in many of the skin care products available today. Learn how to combine cocoa butter with oil and soon you can create your own personal skin care products at home.

Mixing Cocoa Butter with Oil 3

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Step 1

Pour one or two cups of water at the bottom of a double stove and place it on the stove.

Step 2

Place a fourth cup of cocoa butter on top of the double oven and hang over the bottom half of the machine.

Step 3

Set the stove to low to moderate temperature to bring the water to a boil. Cocoa butter should soften and melt.

Step 4

Mix gently the cocoa butter for even dissolution. Remove the liquid cocoa butter from the heat source. Add at least two to three times the amount of natural oil as cocoa butter to the melted cocoa butter. In this example, you should add half to three quarters of a cup of oil.

Step 5

Continue stirring well for 60 seconds to mix. You can add as little or as much essential oil as you like (up to 25 drops) to further personalize the cocoa butter and oil mixture. This blend can now be used alone as a moisturizing skin cream or as a base for skin care products that require a rich and creamy texture such as lotion or lip balm.