Perfumes with flowers Manufacture - 2019 2

Perfumes with flowers Manufacture – 2019

Every woman has her own fragrance. Realizing that all perfumes interact with every physical chemistry is just one part of the struggle that women make in the search for that unique perfume. For most perfumes that contain chemicals, there must be a more natural way to find that particular fragrance. There are. Make yourself one of your favorite flowers. While the most complex combinations require experimentation, a simple aroma is easy to make relatively easy. Here is just one way how.

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The essence of fresh flowers can make a wonderful aroma.

Step 1

Pick your flowers early in the morning, with dew dominating. Try to bring them as close as possible to the time they open as the flowers reach their peak right now. Choosing a flower with a strong scent works best. However, the subtlest aromas also work. You just have to repeat the process several times with the same water.

Step 2

Immediately after flowering, lightly chop – you will need about 2 cups. Put in 4 cups of water or distilled water poured into a glass bowl. The water should cover the flowers completely. Put a lid on the bowl and allow the mixture to sit overnight.

Step 3

Peel water and flowers through the tablecloth and remove all plant material. If you are using a slightly fragrant flower, repeat step 2, use the same water and cut another batch of fresh flowers. Once you have completed this step, put the aromatic water in a stainless steel container and simmer, reduce to about 2 tablespoons of the concentrated soup.

Step 4

Put 5 tablespoons of vodka in a small glass bottle. Add 2 soup bottles to the bottle. Insert the cap and shake it gently. Wait 72 hours before trying. If the smell is too strong, gradually add more water. Stir the water and let it rest for 24 hours before adding additional water.