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Lisa Ommert demonstrates baby doll massage, mothers practice directly on their babies. Photo by Sonja Flick

Lisa Ommert demonstrates baby doll massage, mothers practice directly on their babies.
(Photo by Sonja Flick)

LANGENLONSHEIM – "The goal of a baby massage is to read and learn about baby signals," explains Lisa Ommert. For a year now, Langenlonsheimerin has been offering baby massages for six weeks. In a small, well-known circle with up to five participants, the young mother demonstrates to other mothers the techniques of massage using a baby doll. "Fathers are welcome, of course, but so far mothers have always been registered for their children," Ommert says.

"The procedure is the same every time," says the physical therapist. First, the song is sung together as the child strips off and rubs some oil into his hands. It is also important to ask the child, "Can I massage you?" The question of permission to touch and be grateful at the end of a massage is central, prevention of beginnings. "Anyone who touches you like this has to ask permission," Ommert says. The conversation between mother and child will continue. "We massage with our hearts," says the smiling Langenlonsheimerin. Baby massage can only have a positive effect if the child is willing to do so. If the offspring is hungry, tired or just wants to cuddle with mom, that is obviously respected.

But in meetings, it’s not just massaged. Mothers also talk to each other, especially about pregnancy issues. Sexuality plays a big role here, or the "right" treatment of offspring. For well-meaning advice from relatives and acquaintances, they usually care enough about new parents. Ommert's concern is to empower women in their ability to "make them feel like an expert – because that's what they are," says the mother of two.


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After graduating as a physiotherapist in 2000, Ommert took a baby swim course in 2003, followed by a baby massage training in 2005, which he renewed after the birth of his son in 2013. "This training also gave me a lot for my own children," Ommert says. On top of that, a certain serenity, because: "Sometimes babies just have to stop."

Touch is man's first language. Therefore, babies have a very special need for touch, warmth and love, and through non-verbal language experience themselves and their world. In baby massage, therefore, the bond and communication between mother and child is strengthened. Because: "Having a good relationship is the most important thing you can give your child. It is the basis of freedom, confidence and self-determination," Ommert affirms. And studies show that intense attachment in early childhood has a noticeably positive effect on a child's development. Parents' competence and confidence in their relationship with the child will also be encouraged. Other benefits of baby massage are time together, relaxation or even health benefits, as massages stimulate blood circulation and boost the ability to concentrate and the immune system. Breathing is deepened, digestion is stimulated, bowel and colic are reduced. And of course, loving touch and communication are promoted so that parents and children will appreciate, love and respect each other.