Schalke disappointed in his cup-off - 16:16 and 17:20 2

Schalke disappointed in his cup-off – 16:16 and 17:20

"Only the confidence with a lot of players is completely gone," says Schalke coach Sebastian Hosenfelder at Soest.

Not. Sebastian Hosenfelder refused to talk about the unpleasant idea. "But it already looked cruel. This is not a handball in which we can play," Upper Division coach FC Schalke 04 said after the ball in the Westfalen Cup. His team disappointed after their 16:16 (9: 9) against league rival Soester TV, especially against TuS Westfalia Hombruch. The Dortmunders were enough for seven off-field players, far from the best in the league tenth, after 20 minutes 20:17 (11-8).

"Just confidence completely disappeared with a lot of players," said Sebastian Hosenfelder, who, like two opponents, gave up a number of players or had to give up. "It was very good to see how the head can get in the way of people today." On the pitch, Schalke seemed to beat the Soest at least occasionally, but after their "wonderful start" (Hosenfelder) and a 5-1 lead created too many mistakes.

Christopher Heming and Frederic Hentschel equalized at 16:16

After all, he managed the penultimate top league chair from Gelsenkirchen, who did not win his five-and-six playoff games this season, against the Soest with almost a final whistle, or a draw. After Schalke trailed by 14:16, Christopher Heming and Frederic Hentschel met for 16:16.

After the match against TuS Westfalia Hombruch began to falter, Dortmund managed to draw a 5-0 already preliminary decision after 3: 4. "Hey guys! What's going on? Kay Kemper shouted from the bench." "That sucks!" Schalke, 43, couldn't have put it better. at 16: 8, the match was decided.

Soest defeats Hombruch 19:17 and reaches the finals

"That would be a good way to clear our heads today," said Sebastian Hosenfelder, saying that "we need to get our luck out of the game." For example, Maximilian Gill, who was the weakest of weak Schalke this Saturday in Bördehalle and was not completely overwhelmed in the back room for the first time. "Max was a disaster on offense," said even coach Sebastian Hosenfelder, who would have wished his team could fight and fight even harder. "I didn't see it at all in the first half of the second game," the 38-year-old said. "We kind of surrendered."

The final round of the Westfalen Cup reached TV Soester, who won 19:17 (10:10) for himself in the final match against TuS Westfalia Hombruch.

Statistics for two Schalke matches

Soester TV – FC Schalke 04 16:16 (9: 9)
FC Schalke 04: Sinkovec (1-20, 34-40), Zindel (21-34) – Schwengers (3), Kliem (no), Boss (no), Gill (2/1), Lenz, Heming (4) , Sauerland (1), Kirsch (1), Busjan (2), Dobrodt (2), Mrs. Hentschel (1).

FC Schalke 04 – TuS Westfalia Hombruch 5:20 (8:11)
FC Schalke 04: Sinkovec (1-20, 26-40), Zindel (21-26) – Schwengers (2), Kliem, Boss (1), Gill, Lenz (4/2), Heming (no), Sauerland ( 1), Kirsch (4/1), Busjan (4/1), Dobrodt (1), Fr. Hentschel.