So strong is the full moon on your relationships on Sunday 2

So strong is the full moon on your relationships on Sunday

The full moon wants next Sunday that we don't play much to meet others. He wants to let go of the opposite and admit to ourselves what is really important to us. The actions of our relationships play an important role in this. It's not just about love relationships. Also, our relationships with Friends and family find their proper place.

The full moon challenges us Take steps to resolve existing or old problems and make changes. The influence of the full moon brings Information and feelings in the foreground, otherwise they remain hidden from us.

The reason for this is the constellation of the moon and the sun during this month. The The Moon is at the sign of Ariesthis Sun at Libra sign, So maybe it's that we feel the full moon (like the rest of the month) as very tense.

Aries Libra: The axis of relationship

The ram on the moon is fiery, impulsive and dynamic. Aries seems to rest, wants to act and rush forward (usually without thinking before). The balance in the sun is balanced, it wants everyone to do it right. It transmits and thinks in detail. The exact opposite of ram. This relative axis finds its balance in moderation. Aries represents I, Libra for you. Libra is always about relationships. Therefore, the Aries Couple axis is also called the relational axis.

What exactly does this mean for us and our relationships?

The World now gives you the opportunity, during the full moon phase, to take a closer look at your relationships. Ask yourself simple questions that come to mind about relationships: Am I a good friend / companion? Turn this answer into a positive proposal. Do you think you haven't been a good friend lately? Put it in the affirmative: From now on I will be a good friend and take care of my friends.

This makes it possible to solve potential problems that occur in the full moon within you. Make ten such statements and turn them into a positive statement. By recording it, pay close attention and you will apply it automatically.