"Switzerland's Next Top Model" as a springboard: "I want to start as an influential influencer" 2

"Switzerland's Next Top Model" as a springboard: "I want to start as an influential influencer"

Perfectly styled, simple yet modern, 21-year-old Maria Christelle Ngongo from Nussbaumen sits at the Baden Café. Her eyes are fixed on the phone as she wipes it with her finger. The screen shows her picture. «This is my official one photography, ”says Maria Ngongo. The Angolan native is one of a total of 20 candidates who want to convince the jury to model Manuel Frey. Because starting next Friday, it says again on ProSieben, "Sorry, I don't have a photo for you."

In fact, Maria Ngongo works as a saleswoman in Baden. However, she did teach a nurse. "There were stops, I knew I'd give up sooner or later," she says. In fact, she wanted to do something different for her job, which she didn't know yet. She used to want to be a model, "after that came Youtube and Instagram and I knew it was more for me." Maria Ngongo describes herself as an influencer.

Maria Christelle on participation "Switzerland's Next Top Model": "I've learned a lot"

Maria Christelle on participation "Switzerland's Next Top Model": "I've learned a lot"

Follow over 15,000 people on Instagram. In his paintings he sometimes appears free. "I like to show what I have," he says. In addition to appearing on Instagram, Nussbaumerin also works on her own make-up brand. At the end of the month, their first product will hit the market. He doesn’t want to tell her what it’s going to be: “That’s one
Secret. Only a few people know about it. "But what's no secret is their participation in Switzerland's Next Top Model. Just a few days ago, a list of the top 20 candidates came out. Maria Ngongo is the only dark-skinned participant. The advantage?" Maybe it's because I could match the color skin, but on the other hand, there are many different personalities – no matter what the color of the skin. "

Even naked footage might be appropriate for her

The personality is 21-years-old anyway: her jet black wig's hair reaches across her butt, her lashes don't look completely real, and her makeup is perfect. This is not how you imagine a typical model. "The business has changed. Makeup is a big issue, just like weight, you no longer have to be lean today," says the 21-year-old.

She knows what she's talking about, because after the shooting, she gained 15 pounds – at her own request. "My body needs bone-in meat. What else is not pretty." With that said, makeup is her trademark. "Everybody knows me like that." Nonetheless, she has no problem leaving her makeup unblemished and dormant. "In the official SNTM photo, I'm also finally unrestrained." Taking a completely different picture of herself on Instagram, Maria Ngongo doesn't look critical: "It's just me – just makeup."

She sees "Switzerland's Next Top Model" as a kind of springboard: "It's a great experience and it's a lot of fun, but I want more." By "more" means Instagram. He wants to start as an influencer and make money there. "But I don't rule out that I prefer to accept jobs as a role model," she says. With a TV show, she could already feel the world. "One experiences a lot of 'SNTMs,'" says Maria Ngongo.

Last year, casting participants were able to pose in the mountains for a photoshop, go on a research tour of Milan or take a walk in the water in the dream world. Maria Ngongo herself would do anything, including a naked shot. Only one thing would refuse her: "I have a snake phobia. I would never do a snake shoot. Then I'd better leave the show." But she's still here and can't wait for the first episode to air on Friday: "I'm so excited, no I know for myself how it feels to be on screen. "