The doctor recommends: Better risk the peak as the flu 2

The doctor recommends: Better risk the peak as the flu

Osterfeld / Naumburg –

Irritating cough, fever, headache and body aches: Everyone caught by the flu has to suffer. And if it gets really bad, you can even lose your life with the disease. But there is some protection: if you want it, you can get vaccinated against the real flu virus. And many people use this feature, which is currently offered not only by doctors, but also by specialists in the Burgenland district. For example, there was a great demand in the practice of Barbara Schier in Osterfeld.

Ulrike Spielbühler, who treats her patients in practice at Zeitz Donaliesstraße, has become more concrete. The flu vaccine began in the second week of September and has since vaccinated about 250 people.

Ina Schmidt, the county doctor of burgenlandkreis, advises seniors and people prone to illnesses or problems with the cardiovascular system to protect themselves from the flu. Likewise, she, for example, advises people who work with elderly and sick people or who often deal with people or have many people around them safely. The best time to protect is now confirmed by a medical officer. Although the flu season has started, according to her, there is no reported and confirmed case in Burgenlandkreis so far.

Experience has shown that in this country the flu epidemic, i.e. the time of increased incidence of the disease, is in January and February. According to Schmidt, the vaccine offers protection for a period of six months. Last season, there were 1,073 laboratory confirmed flu cases in Burgenlandkreis. The year before, there were about 1500 more. In early 2018, 25 people, especially the elderly, died in the county. Frequent handwashing, waiver, and handshake help provide help with disease protection. If you have a cold, you should use disposable wipes, sniff at the arm and avoid contact with other people.