"The Million Grave": Empty Emergency Couches 2

"The Million Grave": Empty Emergency Couches

Harburg. Too few patients, empty waiting rooms and too little traffic: Harburg Emergency, exactly two years ago as a pilot project since Hamburg doctors and Asklepios Harburg Clinic started on a clinical basis, threatens to become the grave of a million. "Emergency is very slow," confirms Jochen Kriens, spokesman for the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg (KVH) at Abendblatt's request. "We insure about 12,000 patients in Harburg annually, but in every other emergency medical practice, KV Hamburg has about 50,000 of them."

Poor driving and therefore lacking revenue are a must Hamburg doctors and psychotherapists. Because there are equally high fixed costs for each of the five medical practices in Hamburg. And that's about a million euros per practice. "At a high utilization rate, this can at least be largely covered by practice income," says Jochen Kriens.

"Each emergency application generates around € 600,000 a year. Even if Harburg continues to grow at the current pace, we expect revenue here to be just € 250,000 for 2020." Director Walter Plassmann even celebrates KVH's 100th anniversary spoke of "a million graves."

Emergency practice: the result is contrary to all expectations

According to KVH, 21,664 patients have been treated since its opening in October 2017 to date. On average, there were 21 patients during the week, 52 on weekends and 26 on Wednesday. "In Harburg, the proportion of patients not sent by the emergency room directly to practice is quite low," says Kriens. This is contrary to the expectations of Harburger politicians that there is a great need for emergency practice in Harburg.

"Emergency practice was a good and proper step for Harburg," says Eftichia Olowson-Saviolaki, a health expert at Hamburg's SPD. "We have always emphasized that the need for outpatient care is not met. There is still a shortage of specialists in the Süderel area. Patients usually have to endure long waiting times." Emergency practices have improved medical care. It must now be clarified why the practice was not occupied.

"Perhaps many Harburgers are not aware that this offer is available outside of business hours," says Eftichia Olowson-Saviolaki.

Around € 250,000 costs the device and equipment

More than 300 square meters are three testing rooms, an emergency room at the ECG, a laboratory, a doctor's room with a changing room and waiting rooms. Around € 250,000 costs the device and equipment. Thirty-one physicians of all specialties from and outside of the Elbe area are sharing the service on a voluntary basis. It is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Fridays from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and weekends and public holidays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Hamburg Health and Consumer Protection Authority (BGV) considers the concept of emergency hospital placement in spite of poor numbers in Harburg to be correct and useful. "First, it alleviates the emergency services of non-acute emergencies. On the other hand, it significantly shortens waiting times for patients," says Valerie Landau, a spokeswoman for the spokeswoman.

Many patients prefer central emergency services

"The study found that many patients with fairly simple health problems went directly to the central emergency departments of hospitals, although they would be better off with a GP or an emergency QA practitioner. They are then in the right place in an emergency hospital practice. "

According to BGV, portal practices in AK Harburg are increasingly important to the population south of Elbe, as outpatient care in Harburg is smaller compared to other districts. "Data from the AK Harburg Central Emergency Department show that the portal's practices bring significant relief to ZNA," said Valerie Landau.

In fact, noticeable improvements for the team at Asklepios Klink regarding emergency room practice: "In a low pressure area, this practice offers excellent relief for our employees," says Dr. Sc. Sara Sheikhzadeh, Medical Director, Asklepios Klinikum Harburg Central Emergency Department. "Particularly patients who are unfamiliar with health care services and who are deterred from waiting long for appointments at the outpatient clinic can be well forwarded."

Emergency practices should be better indicated

KVH intends to continue to monitor developments in Harburg and ask the clinic to sign an emergency practice better than ever before. "Maybe AK Harburg is too bad for this patient clientele," says KVH spokesman Kriens. SPD health expert Eftichia Olowson-Saviolaki advocates that even doctors in private practice inform their patients about the offer outside of office hours. "Every family doctor should put up a sign with relevant information in their office."

The health authority assumes that awareness of the portal's practices will increase no later than the structurally restructured central emergency department in December. "Working together with KVH, we can once again optimize our collaboration with KVH," says Valerie Landau. "That's where patients can be diverted to the right form of care."

Emergency medical practice in Hamburg

In Hamburg There are five emergency practices: Farmsen, Altona, Reinbek, Harburg and UKE.

practice To facilitate the emergency departments of clinics, there are treating patients with acute complaints who do not need to be hospitalized, treated.

Offer an addendum to Arztruff Hamburg with 116 116 number. Here, physicians accept patient calls outside of office hours and make home visits and appointments.

Call the doctor 116 117 is staffed daily, the doctor calls the patient back.

Rescue service 112 included for living conditions.