This is how you can get rid of fat faster! 2

This is how you can get rid of fat faster!

Every woman has her own personal trouble zone: Sometimes it is the extremity, which is too shallow or the upper arms, which are not tight enough. When we outsource to other women, we do not always get the desired approval for our own feeling. Sometimes a small bowl comes out when you sit, and Schwupps, you immediately feel uncomfortable. If you want to get rid of your excessive love handles on the hip, here are some easy tips!

Be aware that bacon cannot be specially trained. Unfortunately, the stomach is considered to be the only part of the body that can only lose weight as the last. The combination of healthy eating and training not only is it effective but also the method that is most effective. If you feel motivated to do something about Mini Lifebuoys, we'll show you the best ways to burn fat here.


The quickest way to get rid of your bacon is very simple: first of all, you need to save calories. Try to avoid the snacks you just got at work. In your little drawer, do you always have M&M or any kind of cookies? Take them away or just don't buy new ones.

You know that 70% of training success is really linked to healthy and above all proper nutrition? If you have decided to give up sweets, you should not take the fun out of your meal. If it's not fun for you and we think about your snacks all the time, you lose your motivation very quickly and you start cheating: The original discipline was for the cat!

This will melt the fat in the hip

Proper nutrition certainly helps bring out the six-pack. If you don't want to have a pack of six but just want to melt fat in your hips and stomach, we can recommend a low carb diet. And then the minds actually disagree. Some experts advise to stop eating after 18:00. Others, in turn, say that after 5 p.m. only light meals such as vegetables can be eaten. Of course, it is very difficult to eat without food after 6 pm Especially when you work. That's why we recommend a light meal after 18:00. Vegetables are mostly water and just carbohydrates. A tasty cheese bread or lasagna should stay away at night.

Why are carbohydrates not allowed at night?

The question can be answered as follows: Carbohydrates consumed at night take longer in the body until they burn. Thus, by the intake of carbohydrates, the pancreas produces insulin. Insulin causes blood sugar levels to drop and therefore fat burning stops. At night, the stomach should really run at full speed – but from carbohydrates at night, this process stops. Those who do carbohydrates at night make their work easier, do not disturb blood sugar levels and cause the body to lose fat and build muscle. So you can almost burn fat "in your sleep"!

What can I eat during a low carb diet?

It always sounds worse than it actually is. Because a diet change is in most cases something positive! At least it should be if you decide to volunteer. Basically, the following foods should not be missing from your plate during your low-vitamin diet:

  • vegetable
  • Dairy products such as cheese, quark or yogurt
  • meat
  • tofu
  • fish
  • eggs
  • Healthy fats such as avocado and nuts

You can also eat as much as you want without having a bad conscience! endurance sports

Isn't weight training for you? No problem! Endurance sports, such as running, swimming or cycling, will melt your love handles immediately. By the way, the sport makes your traffic go and you lose a lot of calories. The good news is that 30 minutes of training is enough. You don't have to train so hard every time until you reach your personal limit, your head just beats and it takes a few minutes to get it right. As I said, you should not miss the fun …


Do you prefer to work at home because you don't want to swim or just don't feel like running? Then here are some tips on how to get rid of your bacon.

1. On the tick mark

At the same time you will train resistance to your shoulders, hands and feet. Keep your back straight during exercise. The shoulders should be at the back and your hands should not be fully extended.