Tragic lovers: love stories with tragic end 2

Tragic lovers: love stories with tragic end

Whether in film, in books or in real life: the love between two people has been the subject of discussion for centuries. Particularly love stories and romances, which end without a happy ending, have a mysterious fascination for us. That's why we've selected the three most tragic stories for you. So get the scarves ready!

Heinrich Kleist and Henriette Vogel

We start with 3rd place of the most tragic love stories of all time – and that's over 200 years back. In November 1811, the shot The poet Heinrich von Kleist after a stroll in Little Wannsee first the mortally ill Henriette Vogel in the heart, he then fired his weapon. The lovers had previously written farewell letters to read that Henriette Vogel wanted to end their desperate situation. Cleist, who is said to have been involved in suicidal thoughts for some time, backed his wish – and followed it to his death.

Bonnie and Clyde

The story of the gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde it's definitely unique – and consequently it ends 2nd place. The love story of the two criminals, which has been repeatedly filmed and adapted by Hollywood, begins in 1930. The US is currently in a great crisis – and Bonnie and Clyde are home to many raids and robberies, Frick and horrors. During this time, with the couple constantly escaping from the police, Bonnie and Clyde shoot 13 people. In 1934, the cat-and-mouse game is over. Bonnie and Clyde were killed in a shootout with police after a close friend brought them into a trap.

John F. Kennedy Junior and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

He was the son of the late President John F. Kennedy and was hailed as a style icon: John F. Kennedy Junior and Carolyn Bessette in the '90s was the dream couple of New York society. And as if there was a curse in Kennedy's next generation, the beautiful couple died tragically in July 1999. John Kennedy Junior, a licensed pilot, threw his wife and sister on a private plane at Rory's cousin's wedding when the plane crashed. Investigations led to the assumption that Kennedy had been overwhelmed as a pilot by guiding the aircraft over the high seas, because of poor visibility at that time. The figure of the lovers was buried on July 22, 1999 in the high seas.