U21 selection sees a weak win

The U21 football team draws a lot of confidence from 1-1 (1-1) against the European champions of Spain and can be seen preparing for the qualifiers.

The German U21 team was only briefly annoyed by the missed rematch of the European Championship. Much more important was the realization: even a new generation with supposedly underperforming years of 1998 and 1999 can keep up with the greats of European football. "A game like this shows that we don't have to hide from anyone," striker Janni Serra of second division Holstein Kiel said after Spain's 1-1 (1-1) result: "We must not be afraid of anyone and we can which team "The new form of DFB selection showed in the re-entry into the finals of the European Championships, a bold performance and earned in Cordoba after the early draw was still unresolved.

Important conclusions before the qualifying match

Coach Stefan Kuntz reached important conclusions for the second qualifying round of the European Championship on Tuesday (6pm / ProSieben Maxx) in Zenica against Bosnia and Herzegovina. "We have shown that we can go low and reciprocate the return," said the 56-year-old: "With the newly formed squad, it's absolutely amazing what a great effect it has created. Tactically, we've been able to try a few things, so in the future we will have more variable ideas."

This variability will be specifically required in relation to Balkan outsiders. Kuntz expects a completely different task in Zenica: "It's probably not 30 degrees there, nor will we play on the mat. We are also clear favorites. The question then is whether we can adapt our mind quickly enough to these new conditions."

Goal scorer Nico Schlotterbeck (SC Freiburg) sent out afterwards: "For this to work on Tuesday, we should definitely get into the game better than against Spain. An absolutely justifiable warning, but the initial stage against the European champion was very shaky. After a promising start for the next generation of U21s, Kuntz is sure there will still be "some shortcomings." DFB selection wants to avoid this against Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Sida)