Uncertainty as a challenge 2

Uncertainty as a challenge

Will the patient be positive for chemo? How to behave properly as a doctor if there is no clear prognosis? What should be done when medical uncertainty triggers a conflict between patient and therapist? These and many other issues of dealing with medical uncertainty were addressed on Day 18 of Ethics.

accept the uncertainty

If there are no clear answers to the questions, and even though one's own health is in jeopardy, existential fears may arise. Interdisciplinary 18th Ethics Day aims to demonstrate ways in which the medical profession, caregivers and pastoral care can better perceive and accept uncertainties. High-level lecturers and workshops will organize presentations and workshops with further information and incentives for action. In the one-hour podium, the participants discuss how to deal with uncertainty in medicine not only among themselves, but also at the plenum. The event ends with the "final questions" on the main theme "The uncertainty of experiencing end-of-life disease – dealing with existential issues in medicine."

Invitation to participate and report

Media representatives are cordially invited to the event and to report. Prof. honey. Andreas Frewer is the head of the Office of the Clinical Ethics Committee for Interviews. Email signup required.

Clinical Ethics Committee

The Clinical Ethics Committee (CEC) is an institution of Erlangen University Hospital. He sees himself as a forum for discussing the ethical issues that arise from patient care in everyday clinical practice. CEC helps to think about and justify treatment decisions in difficult clinical situations.

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