Weight loss with a tea diet: These varieties boost metabolism 2

Weight loss with a tea diet: These varieties boost metabolism

Tea is undervalued as a drink, dismissed as an alternative, and looks almost a bit shy compared to other, much more presented hot drinks. It has the power by which it can be effectively used for the desired weight loss. Because: Its ingredients can support the body in losing weight and ensure you see success even faster. Of course, this only works in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet, but then it can make the necessary difference. On top of that, five varieties can offer more than a few calories and start directly on metabolism – that is, halfway through weight loss.

Skinny Tea: That's how it works!

Of course, it is not enough to rely on tea alone – a combination of sport and nutrition is needed here. It’s best to drink a few cups a day, after all, tea is calorie-free and can be a great alternative to morning coffee. It is also important for the customer's success that you drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid daily to optimally support your metabolism. A little tip: Especially loose tea is even more effective than the packed option in a bag.

Tea Diet: These five types of tea help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism

1. Green tea

In almost every diet, green tea is recommended as a booster because it works in many ways: First, the bitter substances contained ensure that your appetite is restrained and the need for snacks is minimized. It also increases with its ingredients, producing energy from fat cells, which also contributes to weight loss. Last but not least, it stimulates digestion, helping to effectively burn excess calories.

2. White tea

White tea ensures fast fat metabolism, which is of course essential in the nutrition stages. How does it work? According to studies, it should reduce body fat cells and counteract the creation of new ones. In addition, it contains a number of so-called polyphenols, which help metabolize antioxidants.

3. Oolong tea

Oolong tea sounds like a real diet miracle: Its ingredients are responsible for the fact that less fat and carbohydrates are broken down in the body and instead secreted directly. Conversely, it means that less problematic calories land on problem areas and that weight gain slows. Big plus: The contained antioxidants help to remove poison from the body.

4. Ginger tea

Ginger is generally associated with great effects on the immune system and can also be used as a weight loss enhancer. As a tea version, the taste is much softer than in pure form, but has almost the same benefits. Ginger tea stimulates the digestive system, detoxifies the body, and also helps burn fat on jumps. Therefore, he should be drunk daily to support his metabolism.

5. Mate tea

The perfect alternative to coffee is mate tea, which not only gives the body caffeine, but also has a positive effect on weight. On top of that, it helps to reduce hunger and thus suppress craving. That's why he should always drink it when he really craves snacks.