Weight Loss With Interval Fasting - How Effective Is The Diet Method? 2

Weight Loss With Interval Fasting – How Effective Is The Diet Method?

New Trend: Interval fasting helps with weight loss

Intervall Post is currently touted as the best diet method. And indeed, many weight loss volunteers can show good results. We interviewed experts on how weight loss works with interval fasting and what are the benefits and disadvantages of eating.

Look out for the JoJo effect

There are many weight loss methods advertised, but most of these popular diets do almost nothing because my scientist Jojo effect is rapidly increasing again. However, there are always new methods of weight loss that many followers find. Relatively new trend: interval post.

Weight Loss With Interval Fasting - How Effective Is The Diet Method? 3
Holidays during the holidays provided many German citizens with extra instant gold. If you want to lose weight, you can try it with a relatively new method from the US: the so-called internal post. (Image: Image-Factory / fotolia.com)

Special method for weight loss

According to experts, a steady, low-calorie diet accompanied by regular exercise gives you the best chance of losing weight.

But if it needs to go faster, special weight loss programs can sometimes help. One of these is the so-called "interval fasting".

This method is not only aimed at losing weight, but also to help with high blood pressure, improve mood and increase mental performance.

But what about a diet that – like many – found its way to Europe from the US? In a message from the dpa news agency, experts summarized interesting facts on the subject.

"People-Friendly Meals"

As the name suggests, fasting is followed by a fasting period. It is possible, for example, to control 2: 5 so fast for two days and eat normally for five days or 16: 8, so fast for 16 hours and eat for eight hours.

"People are not used to constant meals," said Hamburg diabetologist and NDR nutritionist Matthias Riedl.

Our ancestors were living conditions in the stages of fasting. Eating was only possible when the hunt was successful or the harvest was ripe.

According to Riedl, the change between fasting and food intake therefore corresponds to the natural way of life, so to speak, of "human-friendly diets."

Drink a lot during fasting

According to the doctor, "the body is always in storage mode" because there is no more hunger in daily life with regular meals and lots of snacks.

Possible consequences: Obesity and resulting illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or dementia.

However, when the stages of starvation are incorporated into daily life, the body learns to return to its own reserves, reducing insulin levels and promoting fat loss. The body is released, metabolism and organs can regenerate.

Konstanz sports scientist, author and health consultant Michael Despeghel advocates the 2: 5 method. He recommends eating only 500 kilocalories two days a week. We'll eat the rest of the day as usual.

Already by reducing the total number of weekly calories, a high chance would be sustainable with relatively few changes in daily life.

The main advantage of this method: Fast days can be selected according to personal circumstances.

Despeghel emphasized that it is important to drink a lot during fasting, the best water, tea and vegetables. Once a day, a protein-rich meal comes in, which provides the body with the least energy, preventing muscle mass from shrinking.

Positive effects on mood and mental performance

Munich fitness trainer and nutritionist Hanjo Fritzsche, who lives the 16: 8 method and feeds eight hours a day normally, but only feeds water for the rest of the time, says dpa: "In the first few weeks you think a lot about eating afterwards."

For some, headaches and difficulty concentrating may occur. After the introductory phase, Fritzsche feels awake and able to concentrate better.

According to Riedl, animal experiments show that temporary fasting has a positive effect on mood and mental performance. Accordingly, the immune system has benefited both mice and rats, even increasing life expectancy.

The diabetic said interval fasting is generally suitable for anyone who manages to maintain Lent and integrate it into their weekly routine. Initially, certain goals should be set, such as losing so many inches of waist circumference.

Additional motivation can be gained by recording the initial situation and initial successes.

In addition, ensure sufficient movement

In addition, in the opinion of experts, it is useful to monitor sports and exercise with occasional fasting. "Sitting raises your blood sugar," Despeghel says.

Exercise strengthens calorie reduction as well as the general good. According to fitness coach Fritzsche, it is "one of the best fat burning strategies ever" that is exercised soberly. Then the body is forced to resort to its reserves.

Fat burning would be optimized, and even stubborn fat pads in problematic locations could be dissolved.

But even though the experts in the dpa message are consistently positive about Intervall’s post, there is also criticism.

The German Diet Society (DGE) writes on its website: "DGE does not consider this method useful for long-term weight management. The switch to a health-promoting diet does not happen."

"Such short-term diets have no lasting effect and threaten balanced nutrient intake," said DGE spokeswoman Antje Gahl.

"Weight loss is a quick and equally rapid return to baseline or even higher – which characterizes these diets and can lead to a so-called yo-yo effect," Gahl said in a statement explaining why so-called lightning diets fail. (AD)

Important note:
This article contains general information only and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment alone. It cannot replace a doctor's visit.