Bottroper experts advise: Now get the flu vaccine 2

Bottroper experts advise: Now get the flu vaccine

A Bottroper spokesman has already vaccinated 100 flu patients. The vaccine is recommended for pregnant women, the chronically ill and the elderly.

Flu season is beginning to change, which is why doctors and pharmacists are advised to now consider the flu vaccine. "The vaccine is usually delivered in the second half of September and is now widely available everywhere," says a spokesman. Gregor Postberg. "I've already vaccinated the first 100 patients." October and November are considered the best months for this.

An internist wants to urgently motivate saliva, which can save lives when in doubt. Flu, such as the flu known in jargon, "is a potentially dangerous disease that can kill you," Postberg points out.

Recommendation of the Standing Committee on Vaccination

A Bottroper Apothekerschaft spokeswoman points out that flu is a serious contagious disease, as opposed to a common cold or flu. "For people over 60, chronic patients, pregnant women and those at increased professional risk, the Permanent Vaccine Commission recommends the flu vaccine," explains Birgit Lauer. Vaccine, especially for at-risk groups, is sometimes vital, which supports Lauer with these numbers: About 25,000 people in Germany cost an extremely strong flu epidemic in 2017/18, as reported by the Robert Koch Institute.

Lauer warns against forgetting children with respiratory illnesses such as asthma during vaccinations. Postberg recommends this preventative measure to medical or educational and public transportation personnel – "to anyone who deals with many people."

Reduce the risk of infection by washing your hands regularly

Currently, four-shot vaccine is standard. And to all the critical opinions he hears over and over, the medical spokesman wants to say, "There is this protection and there is no better." Lauer knows, "The vaccine can't prevent the disease in any way. But it helps to make the flu disease milder, with fewer complications than unvaccinated ones. "

Both experts recommend further measures to prevent the spread of influenza viruses or their spread. This includes regular, thorough hand washing. "The cough should be in a handkerchief, not in a hollow hand" – with which then, for example. the next door handle is being touched, Postberg adds.

As the pathogen changes from year to year, vaccinations should be repeated every fall. Postberg also assumes that this time, unlike last season, enough vaccines will be available. After vaccination, it will take ten to 14 days for the vaccine to be fully effective.