30 Minute Rule - Get rid of fatty liver without medication 2

30 Minute Rule – Get rid of fatty liver without medication

About a third of all Germans have fatty liver – often without knowing it. Especially "generation fries" affect the wrong diet. A scientist explains how to get rid of a drug-free disorder.

According to Diabetes Guide magazine, about one-third of all adults in Germany have fatty liver. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are often side effects. Although medication is not possible, you can get rid of fatty liver using the 30-minute rule, as Professor Dr. Med said. Elke Roeb, gastroenterologist and hepatologist at Giessen University Hospital, explains:

"After a good 30 minutes of sports, the fat stores in the liver are depleted. That's why it's important to play sports at least once in a row."

The 30 minute rule applies to weight loss
equilibreplus.comThe 30 minute rule applies to weight loss

Persistent sports such as walking, swimming or cycling are ideal against liver fat. To keep this problem under control, Dr. Ali Canbay, Director of Magdeburg University Clinic (Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Infectology):

"The liver forgives us a lot. It is precisely the organ in our body that can regenerate best."

Proper nutrition is also important

Besides sports, nutrition is also crucial
equilibreplus.comBesides sports, nutrition is also crucial

In addition to sports, it is important to focus your diet on the fight against fatty liver:

1. Replace refined carbohydrates, such as white flour or pasta, with integral cereal products.
2. Reservation of fructose.
3. Fruits and vegetables should only be eaten in moderation.
4. Avoid soft drinks, fruit juices and sweets better.

While alcoholics have suffered from fatty liver in the past, meanwhile evil has spread to children as well. That is why the 'Pommes generation' has already been mentioned. This is related to the risk of liver cancer.