Girls watch out !: A 15-minute weight loss trick 2

Girls watch out !: A 15-minute weight loss trick

One study has now revealed the secret of success for every diet. This trick is super simple and only takes 15 minutes.

Already tried several diets and none really worked? The study has now revealed with what simple advice your next diet will be successful – and with this one The trick only takes 15 minutes.

A 15-minute weight loss trick

Quickly consume a slice of integral bread between the door and the Angel, or lost before the screen, lunch lost in thought – do you know that? Then such behavior could be the reason why your diet simply cannot succeed. A study from the University of Vermont and the University of South Carolina looked at diet behavior for half a year. Scientists have noticed a small detail, which is both led to greater success in the short and long term, The trick is very simple and the difference is 15 minutes. The study found that the formula for success is a food diary.

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  • Food Diary: How

    In the food diary it is important to be consistent every day Taking the time and being awarewhat you eat. It's best to write down everything that is eaten, and solid food and drink. In addition, keep in mind the calories, fat content, serving size and food preparation.

    Respondents in the study averaged three times a day adding these details to their list. They spent between 14.6 minutes and 23.2 minutes daily for their records. For the duration of the study, for six months, a journal is kept by her Body weight by ten percent.

    Careful keeping of food diaries is not crucial. More important, according to scientists, is that we should always keep in mind what we eat in what quantity and in what frequency.

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