Handball: Neerstedt without confidence 2

Handball: Neerstedt without confidence


Totally overwhelmed, Neerstedt showed away at VfL Oldenburg III and admitted with 22:40 (11:22) another sharp defeat in the Women's Handball League. The Maik Haverkamp / Michael Kolpack coaching duo showed far the same commitment as the last one against BV Garrel.

Already in the initial phase, young Oldenburg women were shown in which direction they would travel. Fast and mobile hosts were the superior women of the district in all matters. So Neerstedt was already scared after the first assault assignment. Especially VfL playmaker and lead scorer Maya Jansen got Neerstedter's cover not under control at all. So the Haverkamp team turned out to be a very vague idea, because even the counterattack and the clearest chance were forgiven almost miserably. So the home side managed to level after 17 minutes at 14: 5. As a result, the Neerstedter defense was falling more and more, and by the break Oldenburg was already ahead with eleven goals.

As the hosts repeatedly worked with seven players on the field without goalkeepers, even both TVN goalkeepers were able to enter with wide throws into the opponent's empty goal on the scorer list. But that did not release any additional power at Neerstedt, and the Oldenburg attack arose in the second section further – the host even returned the laptop.

Just briefly reciprocating Neerstedt against a depressing defeat and using combat use showed good action: After running 5-2 at 17:29, but it was over. As a result, the guests were almost without resistance. "We planned a lot more and sold well below value. The team played without confidence and what they showed today is a significant step up from last week," said coach Kolpack.