Leather Shoes: Synthetic or Authentic? - 2019 2

Leather Shoes: Synthetic or Authentic? – 2019

If you choose a fancy new shoe, one of the many choices you have to make is whether you are wearing genuine leather or genuine leather synthetic material similar in appearance and feel. There are many factors involved in this decision – honor, appearance, endurance, even moral or ethical dilemmas. One effective way to decide is to treat all your needs separately.

Leather Shoes: Synthetic or Authentic? - 2019 3

credit: Ales_Utovko / iStock / GettyImages Do you prefer leather or leather footwear?


Price can be a big factor when it comes to choosing between artificial and natural skin. A pair of synthetic boots can cost a lot less than a matching pair of leather shoes, which is great when buying shoes for a particular event or maximizing your look at minimal prices. However, high-tech sneakers can cost as much as and more than their corresponding leather.


Leather shoes usually take more miles than synthetic ones. But if you're the type who wears a pair of shoes for a few years before throwing them into a huge spring cleaning, then both will hold up just as well.


Skins stretch and breathe better, make some leather shoes more comfortable. The exception is sneakers designed to breathe and adapt to current and high intensity workouts.

Going green

Eco shoes are becoming more and more popular. Most shoe stores and websites now offer vegan or recycled shoes or socially responsible shoes. So if you want to go the artificial skin route, you now have tons of moral choices.