2020 Education Program for Nursing Centers in Lower Austria and ARGE NÖ Homes ... 2

2020 Education Program for Nursing Centers in Lower Austria and ARGE NÖ Homes …

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05. nov


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LR Teschl-Hofmeister: Further education means knowledge and leadership but also provides motivation and security in the business

Social Affairs Minister Christiane Teschl-Hofmeister recently introduced herself together with the Head of the Health and Social Affairs Group of the Government of Lower Austria, Otto Huber, and the Speaker of the ARGE NÖ, Director Dietmar Stockinger, a new 2020 education program for NÖ care and support institutions is available to staff in provincial centers, and is available in a proven format to all employees of private care facilities within the ARGE NÖ Homes.

"180 events are planned for the 2020 education program. There are already 2,262 bookings, "satisfied Minister of Social Services Teschl-Hofmeister. The program is also available to all employees online." Highly qualified employees are extremely important, especially in the social and health sectors. After all, it is a special service that is delivered directly to people. These types of services require a high degree of professional and social competence and a lot of empathy and experience. And this, in turn, can be ensured by a high willingness to continue further education and a wide range of educational opportunities, ”emphasizes Teschl-Hofmeister.

"Only with well-trained and motivated employees can we offer people a self-determined life in the highest possible quality of life, even at a high and fragile age," the state councilor is convinced. Additional knowledge also means a start-up, safety and confidence, which in turn increases motivation and job satisfaction, states the Councilor.

It offers a wide range of topics from carers to leadership, legal issues and personal development. At the Nursing Centers in the Province of Lower Austria, Austria will focus on "person-centered care – focusing on people" next year. In addition, there are important topics related to "Work of relatives" and "Prevention of violence in nursing".

For ARGE President Dietmar Stockinger and the head of the group and department at the Office of the Lower Austrian Government, Otto Huber, it is particularly important for nursing staff to find the best possible conditions for their responsible work. This also includes a broad and comprehensive continuing education offering.

Source: Lower Austria