A human being in focus

At the 36th A + Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, visitors from all over the world will get an overview of trends and trends at work.

From 5 to 8 November, visitors from all over the world will meet at the 36th A + A in Düsseldorf to get an overview of new Trends, products and laws on occupational safety and health get. A + A core theme is still personal protection. The personal protective equipment market is growing. The reasons are many.

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The general awareness of safety is increasing as well as the fact that work clothes are functionally developing and visually improving. For example Safety shoes in sneakers or work pants in casual look for more and more people a fashion statement. Workwear with and without a protective function becomes a marketing tool that supports the company's presence in the public and fulfills important contact and communication tasks.

Basic topics around occupational safety

The other basic A + A theme is the theme operational security and the Protecting every single employee in the company in focus. The goals are here, with safeguards Reduce the risks for an individual employee and the technical safety of plants and buildings, Safe storage, traffic protection, radiation protection, structural fall protection and operational environmental protection are some of the main focuses in the field. Aspects of fire prevention, explosion protection and comprehensive emergency management are also becoming increasingly important.

A major health issue

Promoting health as a central concern of every person also means that To get the workforce of each worker, The third focus of A + is how it can be done Health at work, A + A presents solutions in the areas of acoustics, light / lighting, indoor climate, ergonomic work equipment and workplace design. In the field of promoting and preventing health in the workplace, it is about eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress and relaxing and preventing medication.

Businesses in Invest in workplace safety and healthnot only do they benefit from a higher Employee satisfactionbut also from less downtime and fewer accidental failures, Healthy jobs mean dedicated employees and boost competitiveness – this is how benefits can be summed up for everyone involved.

Meeting place: safety and health

in Hall 10 it will again be a meeting place Safety and health to be found. Here, the Federal Association for Safety and Health at Work (Basi e.V.), along with partners, presents a wide range of information and advice, complemented by fun and lively activities for participation and learning. Ideal occupational safety carriers are also represented. They answer questions such as regulations, occupational diseases, hazardous substances, accident insurance, protective equipment or health and workplace rehabilitation.

In addition to the fair, the 36th A + A Congress will be held as the leading joint event in the field of occupational safety in Germany. We invite you to stay up-to-date and share ideas with industry, trade and commerce players.

We look forward to your visit!

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