Bearded Hottie: "Queen of Drags" -Bambi Mercury without makeup 2

Bearded Hottie: "Queen of Drags" -Bambi Mercury without makeup

Ten candidates for the first season of Heidi Klums, 46, have recently been announced for the new casting show Queen of Drags. The city of Berlin is represented three times in the travesty format. Apart from beauty experts Broke candy and wig designer Katy Baehm (26) is also DJane Bambi Mercury with the party. But the 32-year-old artist not only looks good as a jewel queen, but is also a true spider even without a costume.

Through social media it ceases Bambi her fans about her colorful life so far. But there are not only photos that are pulled, but also some unusual shots. The travesty artist, who usually dyes his beard for his performances, comes with attractive, reddish facial hair. His brown eyes are itchy as well, all in one ProSiebenThey are even called his trademark.

on Instagram granted Bambi also a first look at one of her "Queen Dragons" – A Look. In two different shots, he shows once with juror Conchit Wurst, 30, and once with jury member Bill Kaulitz, 30, wearing black and white striped clothing as well as a light green beard and wig of the same color.

Conchita Sausage and Bambi MercuryInstagram / bambi_mercuryPicture gallery button
Conchita Sausage and Bambi Mercury
Bambi Mercury, a travesty artistInstagram / bambi_mercury

Bambi Mercury, a travesty artist
Bill Kaulitz and Bambi MercuryInstagram / bambi_mercury

Bill Kaulitz and Bambi Mercury

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