Bilingualism has many benefits, explains Helen Doron English 2

Bilingualism has many benefits, explains Helen Doron English

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With the help of Helen Doron English children have the opportunity to learn a foreign language from earlier. Bilingualism will bring many benefits later, the company says. Among other things, Thestrengthened interpersonal skillsand the personal and professional benefits can be many. Helen Doron English teaches children and adolescents the natural way they have learned and learned their native language. Natural learning is an important part of brand learning because it should be based on the abilities and strengths of the children, not suppressing them.

Bilingualism encourages abstract thinking and can even protect against illness

Children who grow up with two languages ​​have the opportunity to improve logical and abstract thinking. Knowledge ofIdentifying and managing patterns and structuresthey have been particularly improved. On the whole, thinking ability is improved and more flexible thinking is possible. Helen Doron English mentions a study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) conducted by Professor Jared Diamond. The results of the study show a significantly lower risk for children from bilingual families to develop Alzheimer's later.

Higher tolerance and greater success in IQ testing

Furthermore, bilingualism can lead to greater tolerance for others. Bilingual children also have the ability to record new words faster because they are used to meeting a new vocabulary. The same applies to the sounds learned. in addition,Bilingualism has a positive effect on the intellect, According to research, bilinguals are even more successful in IQ testing.

Helen Doron English offers English lessons to a total of 1,000 companies in different countries. The language school has been operating since 1985 and is based on extensive experience. For franchisees, there is the potential to successfully launch with potentially high revenues.