Charleston hairstyles instructions and the most beautiful hair from the 20's looks at first glance!

Whether it's a themed party, a wedding or any other evening event – the hair of the twenties gives every woman glamor and elegance. From romantic water wave hairstyles to various bob hairstyles to voluminous, lavish curls – vintage hairstyles today look just as elegant as before and there is something for everyone's taste. Are you looking for a cool look that will catch your eye? Then you came to the right place – in this article we will show you a guide to Charleston hairstyles as well as many other inspirations for a great Gatsby hairstyle.

Kuzer Bob Hairstyles Charleston Hairstyles

Attractive, elegant and glamorous – every hairstyle in the 20's creates excitement and is a real eye-catcher. The most famous features of the golden decade include many elegant short hairstyles, fluttering curls and of course Bob hairstyle – a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Short hair, short and glittery dresses, attractive accessories and lots of makeup – all this was a symbol of courage and confidence among women in their 20s.

Charleston Hairstyles Instructions For The Perfect Evening Look

Katy Perry Gatsby Hairstyles See the fake Bob instructions

Retro hairstyles of the 20's have proven to date and can be customized after each entry. But no matter what look you choose, you should not miss one thing – glamorous and eye-catching accessories. These would be, for example, embellished hair strands and headbands, feathers, bell hats, sparkling chains or hair nets. The Charleston hairstyle is playful and elegant at the same time. Think 20s hairstyle is nice but you have "two left hands"? Then we have good news for you – Charleston hairstyles can all be copied very quickly and easily at home!

Charleston Hairstyles With Long Hair Wrong Bob instructions

Typical of a Charleston hairstyle are a tight top and a volume of hair that focuses mainly on hair length.

Materials required for a Charleston hairstyle:

  • moose
  • curling iron
  • hair spray
  • Hair band, best decorated with beads or feathers

Make your own Charleston hairstyles yourself:

  • Spread the mousse on your hair and brush it well.
  • Draw your head – you only have the middle or the side.
  • Divide your hair into groups and twist each strand from the bottom half with a twist.
  • Finally put a hair band over the middle of your forehead and fix everything with a hair spray.
  • A little tip from us – for your Charleston hairstyle to work all night long, your hair should not be freshly washed.

Gorgeous Charleston Hairstyle With Hairband

Vintage hair of the 20's making Charleston hairstyles alone

Whether they are short or long hair – updos elegant and trendy. Decorated hair bands and headbands are the hallmark of most Charleston hairstyles and give your fashion outfit something specific. Below we have a short guide for you that is great for Charleston long hairstyles.

And so is the easy hairstyle of the 20's:

  • For pleasing and fuller hair, we recommend using volume powder before you start.
  • Brush the hair on the back of your head with a brush and place a hair band over your forehead.
  • Take a thin section of hair, gently wrap it, then place it in the hairband from above.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining strands until a roller is formed.
  • Carefully shape the hole in the back of the head, tie the hair into a braid and thread it through the hole.
  • Re-wrap your hair around the hair band and fix it with small hairpieces at the end.
  • Repair your Charleston hairspray and you're done!

Bob Haircut Instructions

Faux Bob Gatsby Haircut Guide For Long Hair

In the 1920s, women usually wore short hair. But that does not mean that beautiful hairstyles are not suitable for long mane. Have you ever heard of the so-called Faux Bob – this is a hairstyle that you can easily go wrong for short hair – if you like the change or just want to see if you have short hair You would stand, then you are well advised by this Gatsby hairstyle!

You will need this for a wonderful Charlestone hairstyle:

  • moose
  • brush
  • hairclips
  • Bobby needles
  • curling iron
  • Hair spray for fixing

Charleston Hairstyles Instructions Hair Accessories 20s

Wrong Bob Haircut Instructions:

  • Apply a little mousse to your hair and use iron to form fine curls.
  • Tie the hair in your neck with a thin hair tie into a loose ponytail.
  • Turn the braid inwards, then secure it with a braid with numerous hair clips.
  • Charleston Hairstyles Repair Long Hair Hairspray and you're done with your glamorous 20s hair!

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