Diy Drink Shaker - 2019 2

Diy Drink Shaker – 2019

Although the fine grains purchased from the store work well, you can use items already in your kitchen to shake drinks. A shaker will help you mix and cool a drink so that each jar will work and somehow secure its top. As long as your drink shakes and your clothes stay dry, the DIY shaker is considered successful.

Diy Drink Shaker - 2019 3

credit: tanjichica7 / iStock / Getty Images A jar container and lid make an effective DIY drink shaker.

Step 1

Use two cups, one with a slightly smaller mouth than the other. Add the ingredients of your drink to the larger cup, place the smaller cup down on the larger cup, hold each end and shake it. Just make a small opening between the two cups to grab the drink. This design reflects the origin of the modern cocktail shaker.

Step 2

Turn the mixer on for a two-cup drink when you drink plenty of ice. Put your ice cream and drink the ingredients in the larger bowl and place a smaller cup, this time right at the top of the big cup's mouth. Hold the cups upright, shake them in a circle and drain in a glass. This method gives you a little more room with the cup sizes. Use glasses instead of plastic cups for better cooling performance.

Step 3

Use a travel coffee cup in a pinch. Add your cubes and drink ingredients, place the lid firmly, place your thumb over the lid opening, shake and pour. If possible, use a metal cup as the metal cools cooled cocktail better than plastic. You can also use a thermosetting bottle as long as it has an opening large enough to hold ice cubes for cold drinks.