Hair Care - 2019 2

Hair Care – 2019

If you frame your face with a hairstyle, you can emphasize the good features of your face and minimize others. A cutting cut depends on the shape of the face. The shapes are usually classified as long, round, heart-shaped, square, or oval. For each style, there is a special way to create a face frame to highlight the best features.

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This is how your face is shaped

Step 1

Find the shape of your face. To do this, after a shower, when your bathroom mirror is foggy, pull your face in the fog. The shape you are drawing shows what the shape of your face is. Design your face only when you pull your hair back so you don't accidentally use your hair in the form. The top of the form should be the hairline.

Their face shape is square, heart, long, oval or round.

Step 2

Align your face with layers of chin length if you have a square face. This will help you degrade the strong jaw and soften your face. Continue the hairstyle with layers starting at the chin and continue for the length of the cut. Waves and curls soften facial contours.

If you are not ready for a cut, you should style your hair with waves and curls as opposed to straight, flat hairstyles. Curls and waves make the style look like it has more layers and soften the jaw.

Step 3

Direct attention to your eyes with side-swept ponies if you have a heart-shaped face. A heart-shaped face usually has a smaller, pointed chin and a wider forehead. You can soften various shapes between your forehead and chin by adding a square pony. You can also cut the layers on your hair by starting from the front to form your face. This will also help to balance the size difference between your forehead and your chin.

If you are not ready for a cut, think of a deep side piece while styling your hair. The side of your head that has more hair can be stylized forward, creating a false corner noise. Put the ends loose behind your ear or use a hair clip to keep the strap loose.

Step 4

Cover your forehead as you frame the long shape of your face. The long face can be highlighted with many layers surrounding the face. It dissolves the elongated shape, making the eye believe that the face is smaller than it is. Avoid a long, blunt cut near the face with this shape. They pull your eyes so that your face looks bigger than it actually is.

A deep sideboard is also suitable for long faces. It directs the eye away from the center of the face, making the overall shape shorter as the eye no longer passes from the center of the middle to the chin. Instead, the eye moves to the side of the face.

Step 5

Choose either a straight face or a straight face if you have an oval face. Add the pony that scans the ribs to accentuate your eyes. Play with different levels around the face to find a style you like.

Step 6

Add layers under the chin if you have a round face shape. The idea with round face shapes is to hold the mass on both sides of the face. For longer shifts, you look down, making your face weaker. Also avoid strokes in round shapes as they cut across the length of the face and make a round face look even bigger.

If you are not ready to cut, invest in a good level iron. Maintaining tension in your hair will make your face weaker.