In these public places you should not have sex! 2

In these public places you should not have sex!

Sex in public place is really banned and considered a "public nuisance"However, about 60% of Germans have already enjoyed themselves in public – even though they face charges or fines if trapped. Just this point, the danger to be caught or monitoredHowever, outdoor fun is so appealing to many. However, you should follow the desire for sex in these public places …

1. Sex on the beach

Beach sex sounds tempting at first – but if you think about the short past the water a little more, you'll fall for a while many reasons that completely oppose it. On the one hand, it is extremely impractical – after all, we really have sand on our back EVERYWHERE and we have to get rid of them for the first time – on the other hand, many countries impose not only heavy beach fines, but also heavy prison sentences. Especially in Turkey and Malaysia, you should not let it convince you – up to 20 years in prison here!

2. Sex on the plane

A quick move to the toilet of the airplane is on your secret buckets list? Better not – because even here he talks a lot about laughing. If you catch sex, you will face fines again. In addition, the airline can give you the Return Flight or Connection Flight Banwhich could also be expensive. And let's be honest: There is not much room for an extended comedy anyway.

3. Sex in the club's toilet

Toilet clubs are not necessarily known to be very clean and healthy. Despite all that, many dreams of sex for the club toilet – true to the slogan "fast and dirty". You can't exchange romantic glances here, because eventually you have to spend most of your time concentrating nothing disgusting to touch or hide the noisethat others produce in their monastery. Of course, you can't get here either – you will be thrown out of the club, banned from home, an advertisement and a fine. Not really worth it, is it?