Series: Health in Ludwigsburg County: Health - and What You Should Know 2

Series: Health in Ludwigsburg County: Health – and What You Should Know

Author: Michael Bosch

The theme of health affects everyone, old and young alike. But where can you get help in Ludwigsburg County? How is the supply ordered? And what can make each individual healthy? Our series offers answers to these and many other questions.

Health is everyone's business. We shed some light on the state of Ludwigsburg. Photo by dpa / Patrick Pleul

Health is everyone's business. We shed some light on the state of Ludwigsburg.

Photo by dpa / Patrick Pleul

Kreis Ludwigsburg – Many people realize how important their health is when they feel bad. And those who are sick usually share that too. In the pub, at the office, and having coffee with friends, it's often about physical and mental health. Also, because medical advice and advice are always welcome.

But what can you do if it caught you or your children? Essential health questions illuminate our twelve-part series. We spoke with experts about these and other issues, we toured the facilities to get an idea and meet with stakeholders.

Series in a nutshell: From Precaution to Emergency – Health in Ludwigsburg County

Part 1: Rescue services

* How it works emergency calls? The rescue team does not always have to move out when the patient is feeling unwell. The rules are clear, but often not obeyed. What is right and what is wrong, read here.

* The Emergency physician fight: The so-called auxiliary periods are often interrupted. With more vehicles and longer working hours, they should finally be respected. Will it work? Click here for an article.

Part 2: General care in Ludwigsburg County

* Family practices in rural areas difficult to find successors. The next generation of doctors is attracting cities – and employees. What is the situation in Ludwigsburg County, read here.

* Germany is a health paradise, says President of the Ludwigsburg Medical Profession. With Michael Friedrich, among others, we have a topic outpatient care talk. Read the interview here.

Part 3: prevention and vaccination

* Prevention can save lives: mammography, colonoscopy, U-tests for young children: Prevention begins immediately after birth. What are the benefits of early detection? And more importantly for a long life, read here.

* Ludwigsburg County promotes a unique statewide campaign Measles vaccination, Thomas Schönauer, a district office vaccination expert, explains what lies behind "Stop Measles", why vaccinations are so important and what the risks actually are.

Part 4: Alternative medicine

* Naturopath Arne Wintermeier talks about the connection between Naturopathy and conventional medicine, the role of food – and what dangers there are when patients become charlatans. Here is the interview.

Part 5: Pediatrics – What matters to the smallest and smallest patients

* pediatrician shortage: Ludwigsburg pediatrician Thomas Kauth works in his dream profession. But the baby boom leads to dramatic bottlenecks. The situation is about to get worse.

* The Ludwigsburg Children's Hospital meets the highest requirements. 3000 small patients are treated annually. To make them feel good, they are offered a lot. Click here for text.

Part 6: Lack of midwifery

* 30 calls, dismissals only: pregnant women who search for midwives know these frustrating Bittgänge. Lucky the Ludwigsburg dispensary midwife clinic are. What's up there, read it here.

* For midwives to do a good job, they need good ones conditions, called her professional association. The Ludwigsburg Circle contains about one-third of young mothers who do not have obstetricians. Is it vision improvement?

Part 7: Common back pain

* Back pain in Germany have become more common in recent years. Doctors, especially orthopedists, prefer to have an X-ray taken too soon – which can sometimes have fatal consequences. What it can be, read it here.

* The Markgröningen Orthopedic Clinic (OKM) is one of the best of its kind and therefore has a position of a beacon within the Kliniken Holding. We visited OKM.

Part 8: Mental problems

* Why depression often still associated with weakness – and what needs to happen to change that. Hermann Ebel, medical director of the Ludwigsburg Psychiatry Clinic, in an interview.

* Exercise and self-esteem: Consciously Facing body and mind is trending – and can act as a shield. Exactly how to read it here.

Part 9: Allergies

Every third person suffers hay fever – not just in the spring. Mostly allergy is a trigger. What affect people? Where can you get help? And are allergies dangerous? We answer the most important questions.

Part 10: Rehabilitation

* After one strike or one cerebral hemorrhage Patients in a rehab clinic learn to recycle their daily lives. They must all be treated individually. Where possible, read here.

Part 11: Internal organs

Just twelve years ago, operations were nearing completion for a new one heartbark a lot tricky. For weak patients, this medical procedure was usually too dangerous. Today, heart valves are used minimally invasively at Robert Bosch Hospital.

* Location at Robert Bosch Hospital's Schillerhöhe is changing. As a hub for Pulmonary and bronchial patients used in the future, it is still unclear. But it's not time yet.

Part 12: ambulance and care

* Work in hospitals with digitization changing, collaboration becomes more and more important – and nursing problems don’t get smaller. The head of clinics in the district continues to see that the holding is well-placed. * The care Elderly and sick people are a great challenge. What is the situation in Ludwigsburg County, read here.

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