This star sign is pretty bad 2

This star sign is pretty bad

There is a zodiac sign in the zodiac sign which not only looks very sexy and attractive but is also quite uncomfortable in bed. With its sexy nature, this character can turn your head into a jiffy. Very often an important, intense appearance and some clear words and the opposite is at his feet. Which sign do we mean? In this way!

This star sign is dirty and she loves sex

Maybe you already thought about it, but The zodiac that is so dirty and loves sex is the scorpion. People born between October 24 and November 22 belong to the Scorpio sign. People with this zodiac sign are very deep, strong and have a strong sense of self. Scorpions often have a strong aura surrounding them and others look mysterious and irritating.

That is why scorpions are considered a dilapidated zodiac

Scorpions are considered a sexy star with some erotic aura. It's not uncommon love the people who were born into this zodiac sign, sex and everything to do with it. Many a scorpion is obsessed with sex and loves nothing more than disappearing for hours with his lover or his lover in the wings and making love extensively. It is often also quite difficult here. Whether sex games, bond games or unusual places – scorpio is just about everything. Add to that his incredible stamina, which is almost legendary! Obviously, Scorpio is a passionate lover with whom you can live all your fantasies.

These are the scorpion erogenous zones

The dominant scorpion can be instinctive when it comes to sex. Therefore, it is not surprising that its erogenous zones are mainly the genitals and the immediate adjacent areas around the vulva or penis. If you dedicate yourself to these parts of the body specifically, there will be no stopping.

To whom does scorpion fit particularly well during sex?

The scorpion is a watermark. Therefore, it is best suited for areas of the earth, such as ibex, bull and daughter. But it also fits well in the two Pisces and Cancer watermarks, due to the common depth. The hottest link, though, is – who would have thought? – scorpion and scorpion. Encountered by two scorpions, it creates an incredibly explosive mixture that can fall into unimaginable realms during sex.