Weight Loss: With this diet, Jennifer Aniston remains lean 2

Weight Loss: With this diet, Jennifer Aniston remains lean

Jennifer Aniston falls into the category of actresses whose vision always raises many questions. Doesn't that woman ever get old? How does she always manage to look deeply relaxed and literally like she just came fresh from a wellness resort? I: How does one manage to have the same (lean) character from his "Friends" days – and keep it? At least for one of the many Aniston puzzles, there seems to be a simple solution now: The actress has announced what diet to eat in her daily life – a popular dietary principle.

Jennifer Aniston: This diet follows the "Friends" star

In an interview with the British media portal Radio Times the actress should now reveal her secret figure. As quoted by narod.com, Aniston explained that she feeds on the principle of interval fattening, also known as intermittent fasting. Specifically, Jennifer Aniston follows a 16: 8 – 16 hour fasting diet, followed by eight hours of fasting. And he says about it, "I noticed a big difference when I gave up solid foods for 16 hours."

In fact, the dietary principle is nothing new, but it has already proven to be a short-term eating trend. Scientific studies, meanwhile, prove the positive effects of interval fattening on the body and health. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, intermittent fasting can sometimes help with weight loss, improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, nutritionists find it helpful to allow digestion through several hours of meal breaks to regenerate and be fully effective again in subsequent use. However, those who constantly eat in daily life and have an extra snack between the main meals will treat his stomach and intestines with insufficient breaks. It can then cause indigestion such as bloating, heartburn or abdominal pain. Therefore, intermittent fasting is not only suitable for short or long-term weight loss, but is also considered a more careful diet. Those who have the ability to eat for only a few hours a day will in the long run be more intensely concerned with what is on the plate and what foods really do good to your body.

So Jennifer Aniston implements a 16: 8 diet

At what stage of the day you become fasting and food, each is left to the eating principle. But if you can't do without having dinner with friends, take Jennifer Aniston as your role model: The actress refrains from consuming a solid breakfast while holding on to liquid foods – and relies on powerful, body-good drinks to deliver valuable nutrients. So she said in the same interview: "I woke up this morning and drank my first celery juice and then made coffee." Celery juice has become a popular diet drink and ideal for diets like 16: 8 diets, fresh celery juice boosts metabolism and helps the body eliminate toxins better. Regularly integrated into the diet, it can not only help with weight loss but also improve skin appearance and digestion. Even coffee, in a non-sweetened version and without milk, is perfect for the diet because it boosts fat burning and makes your next workout even more effective.

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Celery juice can help you lose weight and helps your body to detox

Weight Loss Like Jennifer Aniston: The Star Likes These Workouts

But switching to an occasional fasting diet is not what keeps the actress in shape. Jennifer Aniston is known for being a fan of exercise and fitness. She especially enjoys yoga, cardio and interval training. Talking to the US Form, she also told fitness expert Taryn Tomey's recent "Class" exercise program: "I love it because it's a fantastic, moving meditation. You get rid of your emotions, you refine your psyche, you sweat physically – you can do several things with just one workout. "

Conclusion: Is Jennifer Aniston 16: 8 Diet Worth It To Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight as healthy as possible, you can try the Intervallfastens variants. Anyone who wants to incorporate diet into their daily routine and still has their last doubts, seek medical advice in advance to ensure that the nutritional principle fits individually with their own body and health and that there are no deficiencies in certain nutrients. Intermittent fasting becomes even more effective when the food itself is made up of fruits and vegetables, fresh, cooked meals and a balanced ratio of valuable carbohydrates and healthy, saturated fatty acids. Who then – like Jennifer Aniston – relies on regular sports units can not only hope for a leaner line, but also for generally improved well-being and good health. And that is what makes you happy in the long run.