Why does my pretzel collapse? 2

Why does my pretzel collapse?

Taste the edge, it is the texture that makes a shortbread memorable. Creating a cookie that is crisp, thin and rich starts with high quality ingredients, but in this way the ingredients that make or break the cookie are created. If the batter collapses before baking, the result is frustrating cookies. Mixing the ingredients and shaping your cookies can protect you from fragile, non-edible cookies.

Why does my pretzel collapse? 3

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Mix the ingredients

The ingredients for the pretzel are simple: butter, sugar, salt and flour. The key to producing butter cookies that stick together and also have a wonderful, flake texture is the temperature of the butter. It must be cold or cold, not soft or fused. Like the confectionery peel, the shortbreads greatly benefit from butter, which is cooled, rubbed or cut into small pieces and quickly mixed into dry ingredients. Over-mixing will make the dough hard and the baked product will not peel. For best results, use European butter such as Kerrygold Irish or Organic Valley, which can be found in grocery stores or in the Dairy Supermarket. They are slightly higher in fat than other types of butter.

Cookie shapes

Whether you roll out the dough and cut the biscuit for biscuits or process it into pieces, it is important not to overdo the dough. With the cut cookies, cut the dough slightly down instead of rotating it. Likewise, for the rod, put the dough into the prepared shape before placing it in the oven. The dough should have the consistency of the cake crust. A final trick is to place the cookies or unstable bars in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes before baking. This will help to create the characteristic crunchy texture desired in the pretzel.