After smoking ban: "It will come as a shock for the first time" 2

After smoking ban: "It will come as a shock for the first time"

In addition to mixed feelings, inns in the district are enforcing a smoking ban, effective Nov. 1. They expect business to decline. "Guests will be angry with the hosts," fears Korneuburger Hospitality Manager Franz Riefenthaler. In any case, he had already set a smoking ban at his village inn in Grossmugl: Thuja at the entrance was replaced by a bar table and ash.

Has experience with smoking bans Doris Ulbinger. About a year ago, she turned down Rauch at her two cafes in Ladendorf and Ernstbrunn. In Ernstbrunn, however, she had to lift her smoking ban after three weeks. "The non-smokers, who said they could finally go to the restaurant, did not come, the smokers moved to the nearest restaurant," says Ulbinger. She wants to strictly adhere to the smoking ban, which should provide equal opportunities. However, she had heard from some of the hosts: "I let the guests continue smoking." The names are Ulbinger, but none.

"The last decision when smoking should have a ruler – it's a guest!" Franz Riefenthaler, County Commissioner of Gastronomy

Some of their smokers have already announced that they want to stay home. Others explained to her, "We are renovating a basement room and meeting there. Ulbinger sees great competition in fire departments or community meetings," if she is still allowed to smoke. "

"We tried it for half a year as a non-smoking restaurant, it didn't work," explains Wolfgang Kalvoda. Together with his wife, he runs Inkawo in Stockerau. For the most part, it serves regular workers, "they don't understand the regulations." He wants to put a bar table in front of the bar, but fears "residents will be dissatisfied when guests smoke outside the door." In the next few weeks, Kalvoda expects a significant drop in sales. The time to the beginning of the year is usually very strong. "Here's the thing, it's all in the restaurant," fears Kalvoda. He sees no room for maneuver, "no smoking allowed!"

Smoking has been allowed in the music bar of the Rathaus-Korneuburg restaurant so far. "I see the smoking ban is completely wrong. If I leave, then I want to smoke too," General Manager Michael Schödl understood a little about the new regulation. Many of his regulars are smokers. It used to be a thing and it never got upset, he says.

Ashtrays are now set up in the courtyard of the town hall, and there is also no noise pollution from residents. "It will be a shock phase," Schödl expects, and initially anticipates a fall. Finally, he sees the benefits of smoking bans: "Intensive ventilation is eliminated in the morning!"

Riefenthaler does not believe that more people stop smoking. It would be interesting for him to monitor after one or two years whether the smoking ban has led to an improvement in public health. The restrictions are pretty reasonable for Riefenthaler: "I think it's okay not to smoke in the rooms where the food is served!" His suggestion: The operator should be able to choose whether smoking is allowed. "The last decision is made by the sovereign, it's the guest!"

Now he and his colleagues have to expect a drop in traffic, Riefenthaler states. In the long run, however, it does not expect a decline. But he sees a great danger in "informality", as penalties can destroy the host. He believes, however, that local operators will adhere to smoking bans almost completely. Risky, "when just before the curfew in a wine tempera in an already nearly empty restaurant," Riefenthaler warns.