Bachelor in Paradise: Newcomers Turn Everything Upside Down - 2

Bachelor in Paradise: Newcomers Turn Everything Upside Down –

In the fourth episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the events are almost over! Starting at 8.15pm today, two new men on RTL and TVNow will provide a breath of fresh air and mix paradise. The new candidate is no stranger to some bachelor candidates, but offers open recognition for tame minds.

In addition, two singles enjoy a romantic date on a luxury catamaran, while a triple date of a special kind is literally a joke. Who will use his time and who must leave paradise when women give roses this week?

“Bachelor in Paradise

Philip (l.) And Serkan lead the three Customs on a very special date. Photo by TVNow

War of the Roses

Philip and Serkan lead Customs on a very special date with three – which provides new inflammatory material under the palms of their hands. For the first time, two tough men reach their limits, because as dancers "inside" on a Thai cabaret, they have to prove their feminine side in order to convince Customs.

Meanwhile, blond Sam gets upset because she suspects that two mouse dancers didn't invite them to a meeting for Aurelio – a rose war breaks out. "I don't care anymore. I want to take my bags and leave," Sam says. Next she exclaims, "We're not here at the Turkish bazaar! I'm not bought! "- Oh, oh!" Man "Aurelio Savina draws his consequences from this. Paper and pen should bring clarity to his future in paradise."

Two new singles not only bring peace to paradise. Rafi Rachek enters, Alex just shows a tired "Oh shit!" While Philip immediately warns of all alarm bells. In the fight for grandmothers Nadine Klein, Rafi and Philip did not exactly part as best friends.

“Bachelor in Paradise

Himself; Photo: TVNOW

Playmaker for Sam

Michi, meanwhile, is employed with Natalie. She wants to persuade the solitary confinement and miss her gentle massage. "It's good to massage Natalie. To have body contact. To feel close," enthuses the 28-year-old. Fortunately, the first accommodation for a love bird follows. Will the first kiss finally fall between the two?

Meanwhile, Sam still misses a friend. There may be something with another newcomer, Austrian Daniel Chytro. She brings to the collection direct time for a post with paradise and abducts lonely single mom Sam. "I think her body is very sexy, she has a great figure and a really nice ass," rejoices Casanova, who fought for Grandma Gerda Lewis earlier this year.

As the two embark on a romantic catamaran ride, Sam's initial skepticism quickly fades. As much as Daniel delights the ladies, he worries more about the men in discomfort: "We look like meatballs," notes the frightened Philip compared to the well-built Hünen.

The day of tears

On a resolute morning, the sun beats all the islanders who have time until the evening to get to know each other better. With the help of a date card, singles try to help their love happiness. For blonde stewardess Jade goes Alex with a yoga partner. "Alex is very careful. He allows closeness. I miss that with Philip," Jade summarized. Despite the beautiful experience, she cries when she returns to the resort. Only, what happened?

“Bachelor in Paradise

Rafi is thinking. Photo by TVNow

The evening will bring more tears – but this time with Rafi. The reason for this is the vital decision he encounters with a native Syrian: he discovers that he is gay then! "I accepted that I could never be happy with a woman and stand by men," she admits in tears.

Why he kept that fact to himself for so long, a new addition also reveals: "In my culture you despise her for it. You polluted the honor of family. They kill you in radical Muslim countries. Often from your own family. I never had the courage and strength to say it . "- Oh dear, what a burden.

But how do other singles respond to the surprise that came out? In addition, it should be clarified which gentleman can still remain in paradise and who must go …

“Bachelor in Paradise

V.l .: Marco, Rafi, Alex, Serkan, Filip and Michi; Photo: TVNOW

At first glance, the singles of the fourth episode:
Women: Jade Ubach, Samantha, Sam Justus, Christina Grass, Janine Christin Wallat, Natalie Stommel and Carina Spack.
Men: Filip Pavlovic, Marco Cerullo, Serkan Yavuz, Michael Bauer, Aurelio Savina and Alexander Hindersmann.
As new entrants Rafi Rachek and Daniel Chytra come into play.