Bella Hadid: Get rid of dark circles and pale skin with this simple trick 2

Bella Hadid: Get rid of dark circles and pale skin with this simple trick

Normal work week for Bella Hadid: She spent a total of 40 hours on the plane en route from one photographic file to another. He recently landed in New York and was able to get his skin back on track in just one moment. The first step is to grab a freezer for a few ice cubes to freshen up your skin, following the instructions of makeup artist Sam Visser.

Quick refreshment

"Bella has just returned from a long week of many air travel, so we wanted to refresh her just before she took another turn," Visser explains. "The face wakes up immediately and glows with ice, reducing swelling and reducing inflammation."

Visser also uses ice treatment to effect the modeling and massage of frozen blocks along the face to define, strengthen or refine certain facial features. Although Bella Hadid did not need help in this regard, she used ice along her jaw and towards her cheekbones and around her eyes. For those looking for a refractory alternative, Visser recommends that ReFa's "Carat Face Roller" be submerged in ice water and two metal balls used for soft face kneading. Blood circulation is promoted and tired, swollen eyes look fresher.

Real base

To complement Hadid's radiant skin, Visser blended a small amount of foundation with a light primer to reduce opacity – then added extra gloss by gliding Dior's "Diorskin Nude Luminizer Shimmering Glow" powder in a warm golden tone to contour Hadid's face.

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"Ice cream face treatment is important in the makeup phase, because alert, radiant skin needs less opacity," Visser explains. For every skincare enthusiast, it is a daily ritual to create healthy, radiant skin – no matter how many miles you travel.

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