Bloody ade: How to prevent pimples 2

Bloody ade: How to prevent pimples

Updated November 06, 2019, 9:54 am

No doubt: pimples are often uncomfortable. Using concealer and makeup, stains can be hidden throughout the day. Discover in our gallery what you can do to prevent them.

They don't look pretty, sometimes they hurt and come to the worst at worst, when it's worst: pimples. A common reflex is squeezing, squeezing and squeezing – but it makes things even worse. Pimples catch inflammation, leaving injuries and scars. At least in acute cases, a concealer helps. It is even better if the impurities on the skin do not appear at all. We show you how to prevent …

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No Excuse: Clean your face every night before going to bed. Use a suitable washing gel or cleansing foam. Weekly scrub also removes old skin cells and cleans clogged pores.

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If you are fond of many blacks, it is worth a visit for a beautician. Clogged pores are best cleaned by a professional. Negroes are nothing more than a collection of dead cells in which bacteria especially like to reproduce.

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Speaking of Hands: Wash your hands regularly. With clean fingers it is not so tragic if you stretch your face. But especially before supplying pimples, you should wash your hands thoroughly. Otherwise, inflammation can develop on your skin.

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If you apply conventional makeup products every morning and apply a thick layer of powder to seal them, you do not have to be surprised if pores get clogged and pimples appear. If you do not want makeup-free, look for the right products that are specifically developed for purified skin.

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Oh, how nice to have a pillow at night. But we often express ourselves before replacing a blanket, especially if the laundry is already big enough. However, regular change of bedding is important, as a lot of bacteria can build up here, which is conducive to making pimples.

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Not only does the pillow need to be changed regularly, but also cloths and towels that come in contact with your face. With early change you can effectively prevent pimples.

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Acne is nourished by germs, so you should avoid germination. Regularly disinfect your cell phone, as well as your phone in your business. The indirect trigger for pimples could also be computer keyboards, as they are usually heavily contaminated with bacteria. Again, a little bit of disinfectant helps.

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Natural cosmetics should be good for your skin and hair, but only if you use the right products for the right body. If you tend to pickle, you should not leave pure coconut and olive oil on your face. Store oils for taut, dry hair. Better use the following natural products …

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Rose water contains valuable ingredients that have a positive effect on your skin. Essential water has an antibacterial effect, soothes the skin and can even reduce the scars caused by acne or acne.

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If you don't have rose water on hand, you can try pimples with the following home remedies: Lemon juice is good for disinfecting unclean skin. Chamomile flowers are also a balm for your skin, best as a bath supplement. Soothing vapors soften skin and open pores.

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Zinc ointment can also help with acne prevention. You can get it cheap at the pharmacy. Due to the drying effect, oily skin should return. At the same time, zinc oxide contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects and also helps with acne against acne.

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Although toothpaste can dry out pimples in the short term, it is not really suitable for the skin. Menthol, fluorine and sorbitol irritate your skin and can even increase inflammation. The drying effect is so strong that it forms a crust on the skin area. Thus, pores cannot be opened to secrete sebum and bacteria. Toothpaste is only on the teeth …

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Due to the contained minerals such as magnesium, calcium and clay for healing iron, it should have an anti-inflammatory effect. If you apply a mask with healing clay on your face, the skin will dry out of bacteria and excess fat as it dries and the pores will become free again. As a rule, medicinal clay is a gentle remedy, gentle drying of the skin is an occasional side effect.

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Watch out for dairy! They are suspected to be conducive to pimples. Although there is no scientific evidence, it is believed in some people that dairy consumption is associated with acne. Even foods high in sugar are considered poisonous to beautiful skin.

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Proper nutrition is just as important for healthy skin as proper care and hygiene, as well as enough fluid. Drink plenty of water every day because it is the only way you can eliminate toxins from the body.

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Another factor that may be responsible for enhanced pimple formation is stress. If you suffer from increased stress, you should find a way to relax. It's best to afford enough sleep beauty – the term includes the truth. Not only does your soul suffer from stress, but your skin as well. Sleep that far.

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If you often have so-called underground, inflamed pimples under your skin, you should consult a dermatologist better. Hormonal disorders or acne may be behind it. Here is help that doctors prescribe better than home remedies.

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