Bochum astro-ladies travel as leaders to Hagen 2

Bochum astro-ladies travel as leaders to Hagen

Astro ladies travel to Hagen with confidence, looking to defend the top of the table. One player will miss basketball.

Bochum astro-ladies travel as leaders to Hagen

The four-week break from league action had the Astro-ladies. Compared to the previous year of another women's regional basketball league, the Dragons Rhöndorf, David Glöckner's team quickly found a rhythm and claimed a sovereign 81:47 victory. For now, Bochum's women have taken over the table.

After the first few minutes, both teams did not notice a four-week break. "It was just balanced. They both hit a high percentage," Coach Glöckner said. But it soon became clear that the Astro-ladies controlled the game with good defense and rhythm in attack. With an 11-0 second quarter pull of the VfL women's basketball team at 41:22, Lisa Kullik increased her lead with a threesome to a 44:24 score at halftime.

All ten Astro-lady players meet

Despite their solid leadership, the Astro-ladies continued to be aggressive, especially controlling defensive rebounds. Another run, this time ten points in a row, made the decision. All ten players met.

The width of the squad is perhaps the Astro-lady's greatest strength, Rhöndorf felt over 40 minutes. Glöckner's team continued to monitor the intensity and continued to build the advantage.

Continued at Hagen

Now Bochum women have to take the seventh place of TSV Hagen (Saturday at 4pm in Hagen). "It's always hard to beat them," said Glöckner, "a super-well-trained troop is waiting for us. Everyone knows what the others are doing." He also hopes he can join the entire detachment against Hagen. Coach Glöckner: "We're going to miss it humanely and playfully."

neighborhood: 25:17; 19: 7; 21:15; 16: 8

VfL: Kehse (7), Franze (2), Tews (12), Blacker (13), Bruns (6), Loock (9), Thomas (4), Neuwald (11), Kullik (14), Barroso-Perez (5) ))