Children should be able to defend themselves 2

Children should be able to defend themselves

Bindlach. On 31 October, a safety training for children aged 6 to 12 was held at Bindlacher Bärenhalle. The demand was so great that the organizers even had to stop recording.

The event was organized by CSU Bindlach and his mayoral candidate Christian Brunner. More than 30 students could learn how to find their way with confidence and confidence, under the professional guidance of the Gröger Bayreutt and Budo Akademie Bayreuth sports team coaches.

The main purpose of this program was not to instill fear in children, but to strengthen self-esteem and self-affirmation through the simplest verbal and physical possibilities.

For example, Tina Christiansen Kögler (Day 4) explained the most important aspects of behavior and strategies in a professional way and practically practiced them with children.

Among other things, the topics were not with strangers (who is foreign?), Codeword agrees with parents, goes under people to seek help, keeps aside, looks around for escape (for example, don't run on the streets) to hear his gut feeling and more.

The children were there with great enthusiasm and lively discussion.

The following, based on the techniques involved under the guidance of B.Sc. Wolfgang Gröger (Soke and Grandmaster) in. A. Especially sensitive points of pain relevant to the possibilities of children and their use in dangerous situations.

This was followed by scenarios of conflict resolution from close to reality, such as pulling cars out of sweets and games. Despite the extensive subject matter, children were disciplined and attentive until the last minute.

As a reward there was a receipt and a delicious lunch.

Christian Brunner praised the young participants for their commitment and emphasized that "the community should ensure safety in school and kindergarten, and we as citizens must strengthen our children and give them confidence." Thus, a joint contribution is made, "to make our children feel safe in Bindlach."

"Due to the high demand in the room, cooperation on this subject has already been renewed," rejoices CSU Local President Florian Eagan, who has visibly met the needs of families in Bindlach.